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Guest blogger Sarah: No matter WHAT I do, my son (age 11) always forgets his homework from school. This happens at least twice a week. I have tried talking to his teacher about it, but she says at his age, he should be responsible enough to remember to put his homework in his backpack. She doesn't have much sympathy for our situation.

school desk

When he forgets the homework, I am left scrambling -- calling other moms of students in the class to see if they can read me the assignment over the phone. And even when my son remembers to bring the assignment home, he often forgets his school books -- so we have nothing to reference. It is beyond frustrating.

I have tried rewarding him when he remembers his homework and punishing him when he forgets, but nothing has worked. This has been a problem on and off for years, but has gotten worse since he hit fifth grade.

I don't want my kid to get bad grades, but I do want him to feel the ramifications of his behavior.

Moms, what would YOU do if you were in my shoes? How would you help your forgetful child remember his homework?

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Liz March 30, 2011, 12:49 PM

My 11 year old( in middle school) is going through the same issues- forgetting homework, not focused in school. He was diagnosed with ADD, and that helped us meet with the school and get an IEP. An IEP is a plan for your child to get the help he needs. My son now goes to Resource room for one period out of his day and sits with 4 other students and a Special Ed teacher. She goes over his planner, makes sure he has written everything down and that he understands the assignments and has the materials needed,and goes through his binders to make sure he is organized, and has been helping him control himself in class ( he calls out in class). It is your responsiblity as a parent to make the school understand that your child needs specific help and they are there to provide it. Remember- the squeaky wheel gets the oil, you have to be persistent. Good Luck

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