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My First-Month-of-School Staycation

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Michelle Kemper Brownlow:I have declared September to be National Moms' Staycation Month! Whether your kiddos are off to a couple-hours-a-week preschool or you've done the dorm drop-off (or anything in between), this month is for you! Tear up shopping lists, hire maids and head to the place that makes you feel amazing!

woman reading

I have made a list of some of the things I plan on doing in September -- and I love my list. Use what you can to create your own list, too.

Catch Up: I need to organize and print the four years' worth of photos sitting in my laptop that is about to crash. I am an avid scrapbooker, so this is a complete sin (according to the scrapbookers' bible!).

Organize:I will organize my studio/home office. We all know that being organized feels good. I am sure I could get a lot more writing and illustrating done if I had decent digs.

Be creative: Updating my portfolio and tweaking the next round of manuscripts that need to go out will make me a happy woman. I am headed to a national conference at the end of September and have a meeting with an art rep. There's an incentive to put my nose to the grindstone!

Read: We just had a gorgeous roof put on our giant back deck, complete with speakers and ceiling fans. There will be more than a few mornings (days) that I will sip my coffee while reading the book I bought two months ago (of which I haven't cracked a page).

Nourish: I want to start a regular exercise plan. Nothing big, just a couple of walks each week. I also want to add homemade, gluten-free, vegan frozen entrees to my list of things to buy. Having specialty items like this on hand will make the after-school rush so much simpler.

ME! ME! ME!: Setting aside some "girl time" will be of the utmost importance. Spending time with my BFFs (having lunch, giggling, shopping and having our toes done) is the best therapy. And if I get nothing else on this list done ... this one is what truly makes Mama happy!

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