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MSNBC's Norah O'Donnell Cooks Up 'Baby Love'

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Somehow, MSNBC's chief Washington correspondent, Norah O'Donnell, and her chef and restaurant-owner husband, Geoff Tracy, found time to write a cookbook for kids. Good thing, too, because finally there's a realistic and easy guide for millions of busy parents who are looking for healthier, cost-effective and delicious meals for their little ones!

Baby Love
Norah and Geoff met as college students at Georgetown University, in the -- wait for it -- cafeteria! Almost 20 years later, Geoff owns five D.C. restaurants and has always made homemade baby purees for his three young children. "There's not much dads can do for small babies," says Geoff, "so I really liked making purees for the kids, engaging and connecting with them in a way that was fun, healthy and helpful."

Norah had been sneaking tastes of his purees; she told her husband that they were so delicious, they should collect recipes and share with other parents. Says Geoff, "I told Norah, 'You've got a major journalism career, we have three children under the age of 3, I'm opening new restaurants ... how can we ever write a book?'" 

But the persuasive Norah convinced him it would be a fun family project, and voila - the "Baby Love" cookbook was born. The book contains more than sixty gourmet-inspired recipes and dozens of Chef Geoff's tips for quick and nutritious preparation, so even cooking-challenged parents will find that making fresh baby food is pretty simple. 

We made the Baby Guacamole and served it with whole-grain pita for a snack -- and our green-food-hating 5-year-old ate it right up! It was so fresh and tasty, I could have easily served it to adults during cocktail hour. 

Norah admits that she's not naturally skilled in the kitchen, but her favorite recipe is the Whole Grain Blueberry Pancakes with Flax. "The family makes them several times a week," says Norah. "Just this morning, Geoff got out the cookie cutters and made Henry a pancake in the shape of an airplane!"

"Baby Love" focus on healthy food and teaching nutritious eating habits to children, which dovetails with Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign. Has the "Mom in Chief" been to any of Chef Geoff's restaurants? "Not yet," he says. "But we'd be thrilled to feed the first family anytime!" 

For a list of some recipes and to buy the book, visit BabyLoveFoods. Or follow them on Twitter at @babylovefood.

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