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Little Sally Draper Did WHAT?!

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Guest blogger Christina Montoya Fiedler:Another riveting season of "Mad Men" is in full swing, and one recent episode is still being talked about in mom circles. A few weeks ago, little Sally Draper was caught "touching" herself at a friend's house. She was sent home in the middle of the night, and her mother, Betty, was less than pleased. In fact, she slapped Sally across the face, telling her that touching oneself is something only "fast" girls do. She then assumes there is something "wrong" with Sally and sends her to a psychiatrist the very next day.

Sally Draper
Talk about scarring a child for life! Yes, times were different back then, but that was ridiculous!

"Children start to masturbate very early," said Angela Wilder, a Los Angeles-based clinical psychologist and the mother of two daughters, in a statement to CBS News. "[Parents see kids] as young as 2 or 3 ... massaging their genitals."

Shaming a child for natural behavior is the absolute worst thing you can do, says Wilder. "If we teach our children early on that their bodies are their own to touch, it enables them to better distinguish a 'good touch' from an unwanted 'bad touch,'" she notes. "That ability to distinguish comes from being comfortable with one's body."

The most important point to drive home, of course, is that the act is not acceptable in public. Any other discussion on the topic is often based on a family's religion or family values.

Moms, what did you think of Betty Draper's reaction?

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Rachel Humphrey September 13, 2010, 4:01 PM

While i believe it’s prob. natural. I think some parents allow it go too far. Just like farting or burping it’s a natural thing and you know it’s going to happen normally before it happens. You have to keep it quiet or if you can go away from people. I think people let their children do this more often than it’s natural too. I don’t think ALL boys masturbate every time they are alone but just like picking your nose or sucking your thumb if you are allowed to do it when ever you get the erg you will do it more often. So i do think it needs to be limited so it don’t take over their life.

Spottedfeather September 21, 2010, 2:08 PM

You’re wrong. It’s NOT a problem. Get over yourself and your mistaken ideals.

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