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School Shop with 'You're Wearing That?!?' Host

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momlogic's Vivian:

You're Wearing That

Moms and daughters have honored the school-shopping tradition since bloomers were de rigeur. Who better to guide us through this season's school-shopping trends than Luciene Salomone, host of the WEtv mom-and-daughter makeover show "You're Wearing That?!?" She credits her own daughter, Giuliana, with being her biggest inspiration for the show.

"When you become a parent, you not only teach your children, but you also learn from them," says Luciene. "Hopefully, it changes your perspective on life a little bit. Giuliana keeps me very grounded and very real. I always call her my little Dalai Lama: She's very wise beyond her years. We're close on a lot of levels. She did a little WE webcast with me, too!"

Check it out here: 

To get into the spirit of school shopping with your daughter, Luciene says it helps to plan out the excursion and be in the moment -- even if your budget is tight. "Often what happens is moms get really busy and there's all sorts of financial burdens, so this can be a very tense time of year," she says. "Some moms don't realize that in order for back-to-school shopping to go smoothly, you have to approach it from a fun, positive perspective. You have to allow the time and set your budget in a positive way: 'We have X amount of dollars to spend; I bet we can find some great things with that.' When moms tell their daughters they can't afford certain things, or 'Hurry up, let's go,' it become sad for some girls."

Luciene says other moms feel deterred because they simply don't know how to help with fashion. "Some moms really want to help their daughters shop, but they get into a store and feel they can't offer their opinion because they don't know what they're doing," says Luciene. "It's OK to reach out and get help. Use a free personal shopper or go online with your daughter and get an idea of styles and cost before going into a store, so you aren't overwhelmed. If you can get past those things, back-to-school shopping can be a great bonding experience."

Here are some of Luciene's picks for the cutest back-to-school trends:

Jeans: Denim is the eternal back-to-school staple. "I always say if you can get one great pair to start off with, they feel good and they're a great go-to," says Luciene.

Feminine miniskirts: "I love the darling skirts that are short but sweet, not too tight, with width compensating for length," Luciene explains. (Think a little bit frou-frou or schoolgirl plaid.)

Knee-socks: These easy, comfortable staples are functional and fashionable when paired with one of those shorter skirts.

Oxfords: They look super cute with knee-socks and a short skirt.

Ballet slippers: "They're a classic look for girls, yet they look really pretty," says Luciene. Pair them with skinny jeans or mid-length skirts.

Gauzy scarves: The trend that swept Hollywood this spring is alive and well this fall. "They can dress up a really plain outfit and lend a casual-chic style," explains Luciene.

Boyfriend jackets: Aside from keeping your kid warm when the early chill hits, Luciene says these jackets nicely top off a pair of jeans, a T-shirt and scarf.

Pretty details: With an abundance of delicate looks, this season emerges with a more covered-up, girly -- not frilly -- feel. "You want the girls to look sweet but with an air of sophistication," says Luciene.

Layering: Luciene's rules? Proportion and balance. "If you're wearing a short skirt, balance it out with a top that goes with the boyfriend jacket or cardigan," she says.

It's a given that young girls tend to follow the trends of their peers in order to be accepted, but Luciene advises moms to guide their daughters into a sense of comfort with what works for them. "Don't buy into one trend lock, stock and barrel," advises Luciene. "If there are fifty trends out there, not all trends are going to work for you. Not all trends should be worn together. You have to pick and choose what works for your body type and who you are. You also need to figure out how to take a trend and incorporate it into your look so it becomes personal. The best way to develop your own personal style is to be your own fashion editor. It's your magazine; it's your look. You have the final say-so."

Want more mom and daughter fashion tips? Don't miss "You're Wearing That?!? Thursday nights at 10pm/9c on WE tv!

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