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"Test time!" Those two words can strike fear into the hearts of even the most prepared students -- not to mention their parents. We asked tutor Leo Shmuylovich for some tips that can prepare you and your student for super-successful test-taking sessions. And surprise: The preparation doesn't start the night before -- so procrastinators beware! 

kid doing homework
Remove Distractions: During designated study time, help your child stay focused by eliminating potential distractors such as mobile phones, TVs and extraneous conversations from the workspace. Make sure that if the computer is on, it's being used for homework.

Be Your Child's Champion: If you can't directly help your child, make sure that those who can, do! Communicate directly with his or her teacher and tutor, and review homework and quizzes -- don't wait for a midterm grade as an indication of progress.

Don't Wait -- Start Now: Begin this week by working on current homework problems every night with your child. This will help you determine whether or not there are issues. If there are, you can start to address them now -- before they become overwhelming for you and your child.

Reduce Anxiety: If your child gets good grades on homework but scores poorly on tests, it may be anxiety-related. Simulate the high-stakes test environment by asking him or her to solve problems within a defined period of time -- without the help of a book or computer.

Make Your Child the Teacher: Ask your child to explain the concept to you. If your child can do that, then he or she can work the problem.

Tap Online Resources for Assistance: If your child doesn't know a rule or concept within a larger concept, use online resources to review or teach it. Sometimes, hearing something explained in a different way can make a difference.

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