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'Angelina Ballerina' -- The Musical!

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momlogic's Vivian:

Angelina Ballerina The Musical

When a book becomes a movie or a TV show becomes a play (or, as in this case, a book becomes a TV show that becomes a play), there's always a concern that a special something will get lost in translation.After attending the "pink carpet" theatrical premiere of "Angelina Ballerina the Musical" in New York this past weekend, I'm happy to report an instance of a new franchise translation gone right!

A collaborative effort between the Vital Theatre Company and HIT Entertainment (of "Angelina Ballerina" and "Thomas the Tank Engine" fame), "Angelina Ballerina the Musical" succeeds in translating the character of Angelina -- a plucky, ambitious young "mouseling" determined to ascend to the top of her game as a prima ballerina -- to the stage.

With ebullient performances from the cast and an engaging one-hour script, the show was a dance extravaganza that had each kid in the house completely transfixed. The story follows Angelina and her posse, Alice, Gracie, AZ and Viki, as new students at Camembert Academy, the premiere school for dancing young mouselings. When they learn that Serena, the famous ballerina they idolize, is coming to Camembert to see them dance, they practice hard in preparation. But when Angelina psyches herself out and sleeps in on the day of sign-up, will she still get her big moment in the spotlight?

As the story unfolds, young Angelina fans are exposed to far more than just ballet -- they watch Angelina and her pals tackle hip-hop, modern dance, the Irish jig, disco and even the limbo! But most of all, they'll see how making the best of a bad situation can sometimes lead to an even better outcome than first imagined.

If you're in New York or Toronto and you've got a young Angelina fan on your hands, check out "Angelina Ballerina the Musical" by visiting! Or, for more information about Angelina Ballerina, visit

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