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Brand Names for Babies?

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momlogic's Vivian:


One day, before I had kids, my hubs and I were lying on a beach in Southern California, enjoying a few glorious days away together. I was just about to drift off to the sweet sounds of lapping waves when I heard a dad behind me bellow, "Chanel! Mercedes! Armani! Time for lunch!"

We immediately faced each other and opened our eyes. I know Mercedes is a lovely, traditional Spanish name, but what of Chanel and Armani? Did that man really intend to name all three of his children after luxury brands?!

I got to thinking about this trend after reading this article in the New York Post, about how many New York parents are being inspired to name their children after celebrities, or use the same baby names that celebrities use. Case in point: "Jayden" (as in, Britney Spears' son) now clocks in at number one, with "Genesis" (as in, the band), "Suri" and "Rihanna" far behind, but climbing.

This practice is, and always has been, relatively commonplace. But what's interesting is how "Chanel" has recently appeared on the list, at number 139 for girls. "Dior" is number 148, and "Armani" is number 150 for boys. All are luxury fashion brands that make products no one would mind owning.

Is naming your child after a luxury brand the new hot trend? And what inspires it? As someone who occasionally names lipsticks and pharmaceuticals for a living, I have found that the psychological implications of a name are far-reaching. In a down economy, do parents give their kids names inspired by luxury as a way to conjure -- even if subconsciously -- a better life for their kids?

Then again, the art of naming isn't always so complex. Many baby names are inspired by something as mystical as a lyrical sound. And one newly popular baby name was inspired by a product in a price range we all can afford: "Fanta" (as in, the soda) is number 150 for girls ... and climbing.

What do you guys think? Do you know someone who named their kid after a luxury brand? And if so, what inspired them?

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