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Have Kids, Will Travel

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Remember when all you needed for a vacation with your hubby was a bikini and a change of clothes? Well, let's face it: Those days are over. Now you're more concerned with kiddie pools than swim-up bars. But that doesn't mean your traveling days are over -- or that you can't continue to do it in style.

family vacation
A new website called is taking the "are we there yet?" out of family travel by helping frazzled moms find the relaxing family escapes they deserve. We talked with the site's creator, Elizabeth Thorp, a veteran travel writer and globetrotting mom of three, to get the scoop on one of the most comprehensive parent-friendly travel sites we've seen.

momlogic: Where did the idea to start the site come from?

Elizabeth Thorp: I have published travel stories in the Washingtonian, Capitol File Magazine and and had amassed a ginormous folder of fantastic family hotels, resorts and villas along the way. At a lunch, I was talking about a great villa we had rented at Round Hill, and other moms chimed in about their best spots. We spent a long time swapping information. Then someone at the table said, "Someone has got to make this accessible for people. I've never heard of these great places!" It was my "aha moment," as Oprah says. So I corralled all my findings and started reviewing new properties, hired a graphic designer, web designer, copy editor and voila! Poshbrood was born.

ml: Tell us about the name of the site.

Yes, I decided to do an informal focus group of cool, fun people I know, and all the "Luxury Family Travel," "Posh Family Travel" type names got a lukewarm reception. Most people told us they wanted a fun, slightly obscure brand to draw people in, and then the site and travel catalog would speak for itself! Poshbrood's tagline is "Offspring: Don't leave home without them," which we think is a hoot.

ml: We love the name, too! So, what kinds of stories will you be featuring?

 We will feature interviews with celeb parents about their favorite family travel destinations, their personal "Clark Griswold" travel tales, gear they couldn't live without or their ideal dream family vacations. Also, our weekly newsletter will highlight family travel news, new Poshbrood properties, hotel and airfare sales, tips and special offers on Poshbrood properties.

ml: So what will your average mom reader be like?

The average Poshbrood user/reader will be a parent -- likely a mom, since the woman in the family tends to be the boss of all vacation and purchasing choices, unless it's a chainsaw, lawnmower or grill. Moms who love travel, interior design, spas, fashion and being pampered will be attracted by the site. That said, the whole premise of Poshbrood is that these properties are hotels and resorts I would stay at even if I didn't have children, because they're that chic, interesting, luxe or cool and relevant to any traveler. However, they are Poshbrood properties because they not only accept children but positively welcome them with a range of activities and amenities to keep the kids and parents happy.

ml: What are some pieces that we can look forward to reading?

In a few weeks, we will be talking with an actress, mom and avid traveler. She's not a doctor, but plays one on TV -- a primetime ABC show. We'll also be interviewing a daytime TV diva, mom, traveler and singer about her best family vacations. We're also working on the best places to spend Thanksgiving and family-travel specials over the holidays.

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