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My Mommy Nemesis

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Guest blogger Liz Fenton: I've recently picked up a mommy nemesis on the playground. (But for the record, I really do like to play nice with the other mommies!) Don't judge: I'm betting that you have one, too. Maybe she's that mom who always looks down and ignores your cheery hello at pickup each day. Or maybe she's the one who can never seem to remember meeting you, even though you've been introduced several times. Or possibly she gave you the evil eye when you were rocking your sassy new boots on back-to-school night. No matter the circumstances, she has now become your mommy mortal enemy ....

mean looking woman
With mine, it all started out innocently enough. We met, and things seemed fine. But after the TENTH time I was introduced to her, I decided that unless this lady had early-onset Alzheimer's, she was probably snubbing me. The most baffling part? Everywhere I went (and, much to my dismay, she was EVERYWHERE I went), she was chatting everyone ELSE up. She had no problem remembering that she'd met the lunch lady, the soccer coach or the other mommies I knew. But for some reason, my face seemed to render her completely clueless.

And so I became slightly obsessed with my MN, much to the chagrin of my husband, who rolled his eyes every time I would wonder what all the other mommies whose names rolled off her tongue so easily had that I didn't. Was I that forgettable? My mommy nemesis was really bringing me down. So when I saw her this last week at a school event, I was ready to snub her right back. My mommy nemesis would control me no more!

I quickened my pace when I saw her and put my head down. Then, to my surprise, I felt a hand on my arm and heard a voice say, "Hi, Liz!" It was my mommy nemesis! Hmm ....

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