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Nails ... By Justin Bieber?!

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AOL's Style List reports that Justin Bieber, of all people, has joined forces with Nicole by OPI to design a nail-polish collection, of all things. The polish is inspired by the Beeb's hit songs -- all three of them!

Bieber Nail Polish

Set to launch exclusively at Walmart stores in December, three of Bieber's polish shades -- a lavender one called "One Less Lonely Glitter," a dark blue one called "Me + Blue" and a bright red one called "OMB!" -- will be among the first of fourteen shades to be rolled out. The polish will be available at other retailers, like Target and Sears, by February. The Nicole by OPI brand also had a similar deal with singer and Elmo temptress Katy Perry.

Um ... why isn't the kid doing a hair line? Isn't he best known for the sideswept feather hair replicated by millions of tween and teen dudes, as seen in malls across America? We think that uber-famous 'do of his could inspire a myriad of products! Just think of the possibilities: "One Time Hairspray"! "Never Say Never Wear Mousse"! "Shampoo and You'll Be One Less Lonely Girl"!

Moms, what do you think? Will your tween join the stampede for Bieber-glazed nails?

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genesis October 13, 2010, 3:48 PM

i think thats a great idea and i think he should come out with his own clothing line also that would make him millions i know i would buy

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Thersa Vonderkell November 16, 2010, 6:41 AM

Do you know just where I could get hold of the Justin Bieber I heart JB guitar pick within the UK? These seem to be out of stock everywhere? Appreciate it.

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