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New Trend: Divorce Insurance

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We insure our life, cars and houses. Now there's even insurance for divorce. A new company, Wedlock Divorce Insurance, provides financial assistance in the form of cash to cover the costs of divorce. They describe their services as a "financial safety net if your marriage fails." While it's always a good idea to protect your investments, here are some ways to insure that you won't ever need to use divorce insurance:

Divorce Insurance

Count Your Blessings One of the biggest mistakes married couples make is to presume that they will never get divorced. Treating your spouse as if you could lose them at any time deepens appreciation because you feel a healthy sense of insecurity in the relationship. Don't take any aspect of your marriage or partner for granted.

Make Each Other a Priority Many couples forget to make their marital relationship a top priority. It's understandable that lives get busy, children need attention, and alone time might be hard to come by, but a relationship left unnurtured will wilt, die ... and lead to divorce. Take time out every day to tend to your marital relationship.

Grow Together Research has shown that couples that do novel and challenging activities together have stronger relationships than couples who don't. Complacency will kill the passion in a marriage; staying engaged and active together will ensure that your marital relationship stays fresh and vibrant.

Tell the Truth Honesty is the best (insurance) policy when it comes to marital success. The ability to speak openly with love builds intimacy and trust in a relationship, while holding thoughts and feelings inside leads to disconnection and dissatisfaction over time.

Being a conscious, loving marital partner is the best divorce insurance around and can have a profound impact on your very precious marital investment.

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