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The Day Spider-Man Moved In -- and Why I Love It

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Guest blogger Lenore Moritz: So I was minding my own business when my 4-year-old son came up to tell me that it was time he had a superhero action figure. My friends who have girls have been buying princess dolls and costumes for a while now (often reluctantly), so I knew the time would come. I figured this would be an opportunity to use the money in his frog bank -- a combination of dollars slipped to him by family members and quarters from neighbors who "hire" him to water their plants or cats while they're away.

Off we went to a smallish toy store, because fewer options is a good thing in such situations. I told him to pull down all the boxes of superheroes that interested him. In short order, I saw this at our feet: 

  • A six-pack of very small superhero figures 
  • A black-suited Superman (I know, right? When did Superman start to stray from his usual blue, red and yellow getup? Stick to what you know, Superman.) 
  • Iron Man 
  • Spider-Man with two removable parts (gold boots and wings with lasers)
While the six-pack of figures was tempting, my son couldn't resist the detachable gold boots and wings, so Spider-Man became our plastic housemate. I was happy with my son's decision to go classic; I guess I'm a superhero purist. 

Little did I know I would grow so fond of Spidey, but since his arrival, I've realized these endearing things: 

  • His web-shooting hand position is the "I love you" symbol in sign language. (That's a nice subliminal message.) 
  • At 48 years old, he's in excellent shape. That's inspiring. 
  • It was undeniably cute to see all six inches of action figure lying at the corner of my son's bed while my son lay dreaming ... probably about Spider-Man. 
  • In my book, as insects go, spiders (the non-poisonous ones) are the lesser of the evils, because they are self-sufficient. Instead of waiting around for my crumbs or my blood, they're busy making webs and catching their own food ... and that food is often the other pesky flying things I detest. 
  • Spider-Man has a "spider-sense" which allows him to react to danger quickly. (Hey Spidey: If you could key into your "spider-sense" while simultaneously doing a work call, making salad and writing a to-do list, you'd be a mom!)

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