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All I Want for Christmas Is a Tummy Tuck

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Anonymous: Some women will be asking their husbands for an iPad this Christmas. Or maybe a spa day. Or maybe they're hoping they'll walk outside Christmas Day and find a huge-ass red bow on a Lexus, just like the commercial.

woman belly
Me? I want a tummy tuck. 

My body's pretty resilient, but even it just can't recover from two pregnancies in which I gained over seventy pounds. (I watched what I ate -- I SWEAR!) Even though I've been back at my healthy pre-pregnancy weight for over two years, I still fight each day with the flat tire of skin that sits where my taut tummy used to be. And my belly button? Don't even get me started. It hasn't been the right shape since the day my firstborn came screaming into this world. 

I've researched the surgeons, gotten my consultations and have made peace with the fact that you get that long-ass scar. Now all I need is for my husband to sign off on it, so I can stop wearing those high-rise bikinis. 

When it came time to put our Christmas lists together, he listed golf clubs; I listed surgery. But I have a feeling only one of us is going to get what we want. And judging from the fact that my tummy tuck is, oh, about FIVE THOUSAND dollars out of our usual gift-giving budget, I think I may have to settle for a good pair of SPANX. 

Maybe next year, right?

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Mom November 23, 2010, 1:27 PM

Joni, not liking your belly afterwards is not a reason to not have kids.Talk about folks who aren’t parents saying people have kids for all the wrong reasons!!

anonymous November 23, 2010, 1:38 PM

I feel your pain. I’m going through the same thing. Three children, two of which were c-sections. I also have done all the working out i can do (which i love doing and would never stop), but i want to be able to wear a nice evening gown and not have to wear spanx and sweat the night away. I spin three times a week and lift weights 2 times a week, every week religiously and still nothing. yes, the rest of my body is toned but it hurts to work out so much and see nothing in return in the mid-section. I hope that you find it in your near future to fulfill that wish. I’m definitely saving up for mine. Good luck : )

Emily November 23, 2010, 2:17 PM

I think the “high rise bikini” she refers to are also called “granny panties”. Not an ACTUAL bikini. I have one child and if I knew I wouldn’t have more, I’d be right there with you!! Although I have considered asking my doctor if he can do one at the same time as my next c-section. Wouldn’t that be grand??!! 2 Surgeries, one recovery! *sigh*

Uncomfortable November 23, 2010, 8:07 PM

I would also love a tummy tuck. I got divorced and am now remarried but my husband HATES my stomach. He won’t even touch it! He says how much he loves me but if he did he would touch me everywhere. I am not a big girl, just in the middle from having 3 children and 3 surgeries. I wish I could’ve gotten on that one show where they did all of the plastic surgeries. Oh well! Such is life!

MrsBweb November 24, 2010, 8:12 AM

You don’t need a tummy tuck. You need to cut out bread and do sit-ups. Seriously, if you have never tried exercise, do that. Don’t ever subject your body to any unnecessary surgeries. Take the money you’d spend on such an operation and go off by your-
self to Hawaii or Tahiti and have a week of intense cardi-exercise. You will come back with a better perspective, a tan and feel more empowered than when you departed.

Andre November 24, 2010, 9:08 AM

My wife had one about a year and a half ago and i love it. She worked out hard trying to get her figure back after having our two kids, but there is no way to fix what pregnancy does to the tendons and connective tissue. Most people have a misconception that the tummy tuck just gets rids of the strechmarked and saggy excess skin, but that is only a part of it. They take the stomach muscle and bring it together to flatten the stomach. Imagine a corset with string in front of your stomach and then pulling tight. It is amazing. It is hard surgery and you must have supportive people around you to recover, but well worth it. btw, the scar isn’t that bad. I never notice it. But i sure do notice her sexy new figure. :)

Tasha November 26, 2010, 3:37 AM

I wish I could get my 2 boy’s X-mas gifts but not this year for the 2nd year,I would Love to get the much needed Dental work I need esp after a front tooth broke off while brushing my teeth & I could Not find one Dentist who had Nitrous Oxide or offered Sedation,I had a bad past exp from a dentist & now I have a phobia,I can’t believe that in the USA it’s this hard to find dentist who will take My Ins & there’s no way we can afford to pay cash,sad. I wouldn’t mind a Tummy tuck after 2 C sections 1 vertical & 1 horizontal and maybe a few other places but I’d be happy with a Nice Smile,that Pic above of that Belly Isn’t that bad at all I’m sure -w- work she could get some rocking Abs,after loosing my weight mine is more skin,I think we need to Love who we are flaws & all,I would Love to have my front tooth fixed & replace missing ones so I can eat more things but until I can find one I’d be happy if I had a friend other than my MinPin who we now need Cesar the Dog Whisper but until I hit the Lottery these things will need to wait.
Wishing Everyone Happy Holiday’s…

Brandi November 26, 2010, 12:19 PM

Well that would be the greatest self esteem booster ever! with having 4 children and two back to back, ive lost weight now gaining weight and my bad back I cant not do excercise needed to flatten this falb, divorced just this year and would love to boost my self esteem for the dating world. depression setting in from all the bad this year. sign me up

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