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Celebrity Moms Make It Look Too Easy

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Guest blogger Jessica Katz: Celeb moms put a lot of subconscious pressure on real moms. As a mom, I find that it is really hard not to be totally influenced by them. If you look at any blog or magazine, you see pictures of them slender, traveling and breezing through what is a really hard time in life: motherhood.

Heidi Klum
When I went in for my six-week checkup after having my daughter, I shook my head in disappointment at the weight I hadn't lost. I asked my OB, "How was Heidi Klum back on a runway by now?" My OB -- who treats a lot of celebrities -- said, "I can tell you how: She probably has a full-time nanny so she can work out all day, a night nurse so she can sleep at night to have the energy to exercise during the day and a chef to cook her healthy meals." 

Yes, I should have married Seal; I did not have a team to help. As time passed, I traveled quite a bit with my daughter, and it was tedious and exhausting. Just getting through security was a feat in itself. I had been longing to go to New York, but every time I thought of a restless infant on my lap for five hours, I became detoured. Then I would see Angelina Jolie globetrotting and wonder: "How?!" I had to remind myself that she and other celebs flew on private planes. And they had nannies to help hold the baby on the plane so they could relax. Even those who didn't fly private flew with help. You might not see the help in the pictures of celebs walking through airports, but I assure you, they are there just ten feet behind, helping with the luggage. 

I had been feeling antsy and homebound when I saw a blog post about Nicole Richie out at Soho House with her boyfriend/babydaddy Benji Madden. "God," I thought, "it must be nice to be able to maintain that part of your life." But then I remembered that she had full-time help so she could sleep in the next morning and go out late at night. 

Celeb moms look shiny rather than exhausted. They are in shape rather than soft in the middle. They have lives beyond "Sesame Street," and they still maintain a balance of who they were pre-baby. But they are not the norm, and we have to remember that. We have to remember that there is only one Gisele in the world, and that is why she is so famous.

Most moms don't bounce back that fast. Most moms don't have help 24/7 and fly on private planes. Most moms have traded glamour for parenthood. So don't feel bad when you don't have the energy for date night or flying across the country, let alone a trip to the gym. You created a human life, you are shaping a person to be great and you are doing it staff-free!

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zandhmom November 12, 2010, 6:09 AM

I live in the “real world” so I feel no threat from celebrities who have all the money at their disposal to hire chefs, trainers, nurses, nannies and whatever else. Don’t be jealous, just love your life, your family, and yourself and don’t worry about other people lives.

Expat Mum November 12, 2010, 6:51 AM

The most annoying thing about it is that they try to hide all the help. You rarely see a nanny around the Brangelina gang yet they must travel with at least two or three. Victoria Beckham for years tried to insist that she didn’t have help- until she was busted by the papparazzi.

Mama3000 November 12, 2010, 1:46 PM

Expat Mum you are so right! They do hide all their help and “handlers!” I think they send out ridiculous and confusing signs about body image. Yesterday I was flipping through channels (long after my 3 were put to bed my me or my husband!) and stopped on “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.” I was amazed first of all that all those women look just alike! (they must all go to the same plastic surgeon.) But I heard one of the women say she was a size 2-4 which was (and I quote) “HUGE by Hollywood standards!” I am SICK of Hollywood standards. These women are terribly out of touch…..yet held up on the internet, in books, magazines, and TV as examples of “Having it all!” C’mon Hollywood…….get real! And c’mon celeb mom’s……just admit you have help……tons of it! I wish I knew who to write to about this. When a size 2 is saying she is huge…..then it’s time to take action.

Momma2Nico November 12, 2010, 1:55 PM

I know what you’re trying to say, and you’re right, but it’s kind of rude to say that celebrities aren’t real moms.

Mama3000 November 12, 2010, 4:09 PM

lol…..I didn’t say they weren’t “real” moms (whatever that is). I simply said they need to “get real, or rather get honest! How is that any more rude than saying a size 2 is huge?

Christina November 12, 2010, 4:14 PM

Some celeb moms may hide the help, but Heidi Klum has been VERY upfront about the help she gets and the amount of work she’s had to put in to get back in shape in time for shows for which she was contractually obligated. Also, not for nothing, but in the last show, she appeared in a very strategic, corseted outfit. The stomach area was NOT on display.

Mayra November 12, 2010, 6:35 PM

I agree with you 1000% I would love for all these celeb moms to admit that they have help it is not a crime and honestly if I had the money I will hire someone to help me. I also hate all these celeb mothers who say that they lost all the pregnancy weight by breast-feeding. First of all, althought it is true you loose some weight while breastfeeding I find it impossible to believe that you lost all this weight in 6 weeks by just breastfeeding. I breastfeed both my kids and the most I lost was 10 pounds. And not to make this too long I HATE all the Real Housewife shows going on, why don’t they find real stay at home moms that take care of their kids and house to do this show instead of all these rich women that all they do is drink, shop and party. The day they do a show with REAL housewifes then I’ll watch it.

Laila November 16, 2010, 12:13 PM

I worked out through out my pregnancies and 3-5 weeks after (depending on dr. approval) I was back to my regular size within 8-10 weeks. Plus I worked. I did this with only my husband’s help - no nannies, personal trainers, cooks, etc. So really it’s all about staying on a schedule.

I say good for celebs - it’s their job to stay attractive. I don’t find them threatening in the least because I’m confident in myself.

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