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Construction and Pregnancy Do Not Mix!

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Mom-to-Be: Just like oil and water or beer and liquor (remember that old saying from college?), pregnancy and construction do. Not. Mix!

Even though it's going to be nearly impossible for me to thwart the nesting instincts of all of you first-time pregos or soon-to-be pregos out there, I warn you all that tackling a construction project while growing a baby inside of you ... well, it may not be the best idea, to put it mildly.

I wish there had been some type of warning label on the paint cans, wood flooring and other supplies at dear ol' Lowe's. Something like, "Warning: If you are pregnant, seriously reconsider this project. It could be hazardous to your mental health!" But I'm not sure I would've listened. I was more determined than a dog going after his bone to have part of our house remodeled. Plus, how bad could it be, right? 

Well, first there was the plumber ... who did just about everything except plumb. He started the project four weeks late; he had excuse after excuse about why he couldn't come the next day. Yet he had no problem cashing our check for 30-percent-down BEFORE he ever started. My husband is a lot calmer and nicer than me, so when he had to go out of town, I took over with Mr. Plumber. And let's just say that after my little talk with him, he got his work done faster than you can say "plumber's crack." (I'm sure he probably did so purely out of fear of further wrath from Mrs. Prego!)   

Then there was the friend of a friend who promised he could install flooring in the blink of an eye. His promises also fell by the wayside, and in this case, he had no problem telling us exactly why he was flaking out. We seriously heard, "I have to leave now to go catch the rest of the World Series." World Series?! I have a baby coming in two months! After that experience, I'd suggest not going with a "friend of a friend" because you can't exactly yell at that person.

And the list goes on, with more frustrating encounters with painters and carpenters -- situations I probably would've been far more adept at handling had I not felt the pressure of getting everything done before we have 15 family members over for Thanksgiving. (That will be another post, I'm sure!) 

I'm sure there are many construction workers out there who start on time and finish early and are very competent overall; however, I seem to encounter all of the flakes. Maybe it's just my luck. Who knows? But the moral of this story is: Don't remodel months before you're going to have a baby. It will drive you insane!

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