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Diary of a 50-Year-Old Bride, Part 2

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Guest blogger Kate Meyers: Here's why women are amazing: As soon as I called to share the news of my engagement, my friend Paula Kaplan was crying in the Starbucks line somewhere in Los Angeles. My friend Jennifer Drawbridge was crying and delivering babies in Maine. She also insisted on baking the pies for the wedding, and before the day was out, she had sent an e-mail requesting our favorite pie flavors. My pal Anne Taintor in New Mexico -- the famous, brilliant creator of retro cards, magnets, shot glasses and, oh yes, coin purses that say things like, "Of course it buys happiness" -- signed on to create the invitations. Sue Schimmenti, who I grew up waitressing with on the Jersey Shore and who is now a master gardener, offered to do the flowers. Jane Tauber, my other Jersey pal, is working logistics, tent rental, town permits, etc.

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I know Hillary Clinton wasn't talking about nuptial planning with her "it takes a village" observation. But honey, after five decades on this planet, I think LIFE demands a village, and I feel so lucky to have one. The advantage of marrying late the first time was that I had to build my own life and my own community before I settled in to joint living and childrearing. I met the most incredible women while making my way as a writer in New York City, and they're still around, here with me the second time. 

I was going to say they're just as happy for me now as they were before, but actually, I think they're happier this time, because I've worked so hard to become the person I now am -- a person I am proud of. Because what amazing, wonderful luck to find a partner on top of that. My mother wasn't a religious person, but she told me she believed in "the love force that binds us." My girlfriends are that. They hold me up when things go south, and when there's celebrating to be done, honey, they are full-on leading the charge. 

Speaking of which, Jane just called back from New Jersey. She wants to know what size shoe I wear, because she's going to embellish a pair of flip-flops to match my dress.

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Sarah B November 26, 2010, 9:13 AM

You sound like you have wonderful friends! I hope your wedding is beautiful and your marriage is blissful!

zara November 29, 2010, 1:02 AM
zara November 29, 2010, 1:05 AM
Peugeot 106 107 April 9, 2011, 7:06 PM

Lovely ideas, thanks to whoever thought of it and for showing the initiative to throw it up

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