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Help Us, Fairy Jobmother!

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In this economy, we could all use a little help. While some are struggling to make ends meet, some are struggling just to find a job! Meet Hayley Taylor, the Fairy Jobmother. Hayley is an international career specialist who assists job-challenged families with her no-nonsense tactics to motivate them to get back on the payroll. We sat down with Hayley to talk about her new Lifetime show, "Fairy Jobmother," and how she's taking the job world by storm -- one resume at a time.

Haley Taylor
momlogic: In the show, you live and work with these families. Did you learn anything that surprised you?

Hayley Taylor: The actual thing that hit me the most was the amount of debt that some of the families were in. They've obviously gotten themselves into situations it's not easy to get out of. Bills aren't being paid. They're struggling to try and manage [it all].

ml: Tell us about some of the issues that "Fairy Jobmother" tackles.

HT: We don't just deal with the unemployment. We go back and deal with everything that caused the general feelings of depression and low self-esteem and low self-confidence and address absolutely every issue. I think that's the thing that makes "Fairy Jobmother" stand apart, because with a lot of documentary and reality programs, what you see is what you get. What we're trying to do is make something that has a lasting impression, a lasting affect on the families that we work with.

ml: You pursued work in employment training after your husband was laid off from his job. Did you end up helping him gain employment again?

HT: It's really funny you should ask that question, because, yes, I did. I did help him. We saw an advertisement for the position that he's held now for the last ten years. I persuaded him to apply for it. He thought it was beyond his capabilities. I said, "No, you can. You can do that. It's within your skill set." He went for the interview and he didn't actually get the job. I was thinking, "This can't be right. This can't be right." Then two weeks later, they contacted him and said, "We made the wrong decision. We chose the wrong person. Would you still be prepared to accept the position?"

ml: What do you find is the biggest stumbling block for people who are trying to get back on their feet?

HT:I would say the biggest stumbling block is a lack of self-belief, a belief that they can move forward, a belief that they can do opportunities that are out there. They lack a lot of self-confidence, have low self-esteem. The fact that they become unemployed has really knocked them in so many ways, particularly emotionally.

ml: Given that, what is the most important thing that you teach them, so that they can move forward on their own after you've gone away?

There are ways of feeling good about themselves, of feeling confident, of being able to communicate with people and fundamental things that affect you for the rest of your life. I've had many mentors in my life and people that I've taken little pieces from and aspired to be like. I hope that they can get a little bit of that from me and carry that forward.

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