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Two Families ALREADY Camped out for Black Friday Bargains are Rewarded With Free iPads

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DailyMail: Two families have kicked off Black Friday fever by becoming the first in the nation to get in line for a bargain - an entire week early.


The Thains and the Davenports set up camp together in a tent and gazebo outside the entrance of the Best Buy store in St Petersburg, Florida on Friday because they wanted to make sure they were first in the queue.

Family members will take it in turns to sit outside the shop until early on Friday morning when the doors are thrown open.

Their persistence has already paid off - when Best Buy managers realised mothers Tina Thain and Lorie Davenport were the first to start queueing in the country they gave them both an iPad.

'We just wanted to be sure the early bird got the worm,' said the pair.

'It's almost like getting together for your Thanksgiving dinner. This is our Thanksgiving celebration.'

'I really didn't think about the days. We really didn't think about it because we just wanted to be first,' Thain told ABC.

'Now it's really sinking in that we really are the first people in line. It's kind of exciting.'

The pair said that the camp-out was not just about getting the best deal - but also about their friendship.

'It's a great time for us to catch up because we don't get to see each other with our work schedules very often,' Thain said. 'It's a great time for friendship, fellowship.'

Mrs Thain and Mrs Davenport, in their 40s, may be the first, but they are definitely not the last to join a line for Black Friday.

Millions of shoppers will be out hunting for the best bargains of the year with discounts of 90 per cent and beyond for those at the front of the queue.

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