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10 Mom-Worthy Christmas Gifts from Harry Potter's World

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Guest blogger Diana Landen: Wouldn't it be great to shop for Christmas in Harry Potter's London? As a mom, I have my own Potteresque Christmas wish list ....

Harry Potter Remembrall
1) Remembrall. My things-to-do list is three pages long. My children constantly interrupt me and want to add to it. I could really use a ball that turns red whenever I forget to do something -- although I suspect that mine would be permanently red.

2) Room of Requirement. Walk past this room three times thinking about what you need, and the room transforms itself for you. The students at Hogwarts used it for everything from a broom cupboard to the secret headquarters for Dumbledore's Army. I would have my own uses for it. On rainy days, it would be a playroom full of toys. At the end of the day, it would be a bubble bath just for me. At night, it would be a private, soundproof room for my husband and me.

3) Room of Hidden Things. The Room of Requirement has the ability to transform into the Room of Hidden Things -- an ideal hiding place for objects you want to keep secret from your children (things like naughty pictures and sex toys). Just remember that you have to visit the Room of Hidden Things before you turn it back into the Room of Requirement.

4) Extendable Ears. Fred and George invented these to spy on the grownups. I'd like a pair so I can listen in on what my children are up to.

5) Howler. Who hasn't wanted to send their child a red letter that floats above their head and screams at them when they open it?!

6) Daydream Charms. Fred and George sold daydream charms to help students escape the daily grind at school. I could use a vivid daydream myself from time to time.

7) Molly Weasley's Library. When Mrs. Weasley wants to fix a black eye, she gets out a book of healing spells. Somewhere in her library she must have the spells she uses to do dishes, too. I want them all.

8) Marauder's Map. This magical map allowed Harry Potter to see where everyone was in Hogwarts. It saw through disguises, transformations and invisibility cloaks. I'd like one for my home, my kids' school and my neighborhood.

9) Portrait of my favorite movie-star hunk. Better than a digital video, portraits in the wizarding world can talk to you and move from frame to frame. It might not be as good as having the actual hunk in my bedroom, but I am married, after all.

10) A flying broomstick. Yes, I could use a clock that showed where the members of my family were at all times, or a Sneakoscope that showed if they were up to no good. But for sheer fun, give me a ride on a broom any day!

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Tim December 23, 2010, 6:01 AM

This is a great take on a standard Christmas list! Thanks for sharing.

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