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A Candid Chat with Actress Angie Harmon

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momlogic's Vivian:

Angie Harmon

Angie Harmon may often appear to be poised perfection, but let it be known that she's a very cool, very funny, down-to-earth mom of three daughters who shares the same concerns most of us have about parenting. That's why it was so important to her to join forces with Children's Advil to promote "Relieve My Fever," a contest wherein parents and their kids compete to sing a kid-friendly rendition of the classic song "Fever" for a chance to win $15,000.

In a true turn of poignancy, when we spoke, all three of Harmon's girls were under the weather! We had a real fun chat with her about her involvement with Children's Advil, and about many of the joys and challenges we all face as parents.

momlogic: How did you join forces with Children's Advil?

Angie Harmon: On both sides of this alliance, if you will, we both realize it's hard enough being a parent these days and trying to find enough stuff to do for kids that qualifies as family time. This is a fun contest where there's a chance to win $15,000, which we could all use right about now. But for every video that goes in, Children's Advil gives $5 to the Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. And for every vote that goes in, Children's Advil gives $1. The Children's Miracle Network hospitals help 170 children's hospitals all over the U.S. and, in turn, help 17,000,000 children a year. I was thinking about, as a parent, when our kids have a cold or the flu, all you're doing is watching them and praying they get better and calling the pediatrician's office. I can't imagine having a child in the hospital anytime, much less at this particular time of year.

ml: It's every mother's worst fear, right?

AH: Yes! I'm really honored and proud to be a part of this. I thought it was a brilliant campaign. I really enjoy being associated with companies that know there's a much bigger picture out there. All of us need each other, all of us care about each other and all of us should be helping each other. You get to make this fun little video with your kids, have a great time and submit it. They get to see themselves on the computer and at the same time, you're helping a child in need. I don't know if it's freezing where you are, but it's freezing where I am! And there's only so many hours of TV that I'm going to let my kids watch, so this is something you could do indoors without having to be sick!

ml: There's no worse feeling for a parent than knowing their kid is sick. How have you guys been riding out your "sick days"?

Children's Advil

AH: It depends. Right now, we're straddling the fence here -- one kid has one thing, the other two have something else, and I want to try and keep them apart. But if they have the same thing, we hang out on the couch and they can, within reason, watch whatever movies they want. We just try to create a calm environment that lets their bodies fight it off and get better. I live for puzzles, and they share that love as well. Right now, we're reading "The Chronicles of Narnia," and it's so great because it's a series. When they're sick, I'll read two and three chapters instead of just one. You can see their little imaginations just going and putting together the world that I'm reading, and it's just the best.

ml: And it takes their mind off of how crappy they're feeling.

AH: Right! And you'll look up and they're asleep!

ml: How do your kids inspire you?

AH: You know, what I love so much is seeing things through their eyes. They'll find the most beauty in something that's so average to me as a grownup. Finley will pick up a huge orange leaf and say, "Mom, have you ever seen a leaf like this?" It reminds me that we take so much for granted on a daily basis. It's nice to have that reminder -- the trees are beautiful and the sky is beautiful and blue when it's so cold out. They remind me of things like that every day.

ml: Is one of your daughters most like you?

AH: My oldest looks like me is and is like me when I was her age. My middle looks just like [my husband] Jason and I think acts like him, but he will differ and say she acts like me now. Hopefully, the youngest will be like her father. Some days she looks like me, and some days she looks like her dad.

ml: What are some of the challenges you face in juggling work and parenting?

AH: My personal situation ... I'm very blessed because when I work -- thank you, TNT! -- it's only for six months. I go in and then I'm out. Would I love to be in Russia shooting a movie with Eric Bana for six months? Absolutely, but that's not what's conducive to my family right now. My little ones need their mommy and they need their daddy. When I'm at work, Daddy is not working. So I know if they're sick or whatever, they are in really good hands with someone who has their best interests solely at heart. He's a hands-on dad. We're both type-A, control-freak personalities, so I know there is someone just like me at the house making sure they're OK!

ml: You don't feel like you have to check in every thirty seconds, and know they are OK. So many moms hover, because they feel they are the only ones who can parent correctly ....

AH: I don't want any part of that. I married a brutally intelligent -- so intelligent it's disheartening! -- capable, fantastic, loving man. I don't need to control him in any way. I don't need to question his judgment or decision making. If I was a man, I'd want to be Jason Sehorn.

ml: You have to have that kind of respect for your man, right?

AH: The only thing he doesn't do is he doesn't call me right after the doctor. He's like, "Why do you want me to call you?" And I'm like, "I want to know what the doctor said -- not you!"

ml: Of all the characters you've played, who is the most like you in terms of personality?

AH: I would love to be a homicide detective, so I guess the answer would be Jane. I would be a lot more feminine and use that to my advantage; she's a super tomboy -- a guy trapped in a woman's body. But I think it would definitely be her.

ml: Which life lesson do you feel is most important to pass on to your girls?

AH: There are a few of those! We have a saying down in the South: "Pretty on the inside means pretty on the outside." I think that's the one that encompasses "Do unto others as you'd have them do unto you, respect your elders, be kind to your neighbor" -- that kind of thing. Women and girls are so caught up with appearances and stuff like that, I often find myself saying to my girls, "You aren't pretty on the outside unless you're pretty on the inside." They know that having a good and kind spirit, a lovely heart and consideration for others is the most important thing through life.

Want to take your shot at winning the Children's Advil "Relieve My Fever" contest? Just visit for easy-to-follow instructions, lyrics, music and a sample video that will help you create and submit a video performance from your own little superstar!

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