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Bottles & Boobs: It's OK to Formula Feed!

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Guest blogger Jill Simonian: Ah, life with a newborn! Eat, poop, sleep, wash bottles ... then repeat. Yup, I said the nasty B-word: BOTTLE. Secret's out folks: I'm not breastfeeding, and I don't feel guilty at all.

baby drinking milk
I didn't always have this unwavering strength of opinion about the breastfeeding thing. From the beginning of my pregnancy through the day my little girl was delivered, women from all areas of my life asked me if I planned to breastfeed. Friends, relatives, doctors, nurses ... even a few strangers. It was an epidemic. Depending upon who the inquisitor was, I either said, "I'm thinking about it" or "Nope. I've never been into it." The latter answer was the truth; the former was the lie that shot out of my mouth to keep me from feeling guilty at the time.

Breastfeeding is a hot topic for new mothers, and frankly, I'm tired of everyone being so damn interested and judgmental about such a personal choice! That said, I acknowledge and respect the medical research that says breast milk is superior to formula. However, this did not change my decision. The bare truth is that the thought of breastfeeding makes me uncomfortable. I can't help it. Apparently, I am that immature. I could not imagine having my baby suck on my boobies.

I've also heard that it's painful. And that your breasts turn into deflated-tire-like globs and are never the same. For a gal who was flat-chested to begin with, these conditions sounded extra scary and intimidating ... and I wasn't interested in experiencing them firsthand. I know this might seem selfish, but sorry, that's how I feel. (You will not be shocked to find out that my mom did not breastfeed, either. Perhaps I've been subconsciously brainwashed about this subject?)

Even though I made up my mind well before heading to the hospital, the nurses got to me after delivery. Every time I answered the "Do you want us to send in the lactation coach" question with a polite "No thank you," I could feel their underlying disdain. I spent three days following the birth of my baby doubting my choice. I cried and cried. My husband thought I was nuts for questioning myself and told me to stick with my original plan if I was going to lose my mind over it (and he's a pediatric doctor, for God's sake).

Long story short, I caved, called in the lactation nurse and tried "pumping" as a compromise. (I still wasn't mentally ready to try breastfeeding directly.) To my surprise, pumping wasn't that bad; it didn't hurt and I actually found it fascinating to see what my body was capable of producing. I also felt politically correct about supplementing my baby's formula with what nature intended.

That positive attitude lasted exactly eight days. After a few episodes of painful engorgement, stained sports bras and minimal milk production, I opted to ice my chest and shut down the dairy factory before my throbbing little tatas exploded into a million pieces in the middle of the night. I'm glad I tried to change my initial opinion about breastfeeding, but it just didn't work. And I was now OK with it.

My question to myself (and you) is: As a grown woman,WHY had I felt that I needed to compromise my own personal comfort and make excuses to others in the first place?To those women who are at ease breastfeeding: More power to you! But it's not for all of us. I don't judge breastfeeding proponents; why should they judge me? I am exhausted from the ongoing and heated debates comparing breastfeeders to bottle feeders, and insinuating that women who do not breastfeed are uncompassionate mothers.

As women, we collectively cherish our freedom to shape our lifestyles, careers and families. Let each mom feed her baby however the heck she wants without passing judgment! As long as the baby is eating, he/she will be fine!My baby has been on the bottle for over a month now, and we are bonding, thriving and happy.

To my fellow formula-feeders: Don't ever feel guilty about what you're comfortable with, and don't let any walking milk makers boss you around.

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Terri December 14, 2010, 12:04 PM

Obviously Grace, you didn’t understand my post. I meant your children will be no healthier, smarter, bigger, etc. if they are breastfed than if they are formula fed. Period.

And for the reocrd, I never said I was “annoyed” I said I found the combination your self-righteousness and ignorance hilarious. You’re not helping any babies with your rhetoric.

Grace December 14, 2010, 1:25 PM

Terri, I understood perfectly. It’s really sad that u want to advertise Breast Milk vs Formula makes no difference. You DON’T know what you’re talking about, yet u make those claims. No one is asking u to make any changes, so why give out false information just bcuz u don’t like truth?? Have u even done any research?? Have u breastfed any babies to notice a difference?? Many of us are actually certified to know this info. I have a Master’s in Human Lactation from UI&U. You’re a school teacher who doesn’t care to know about breast milk. Check your facts! There are mothers out there who still don’t know which direction they want to go. Give them false info is not going to help. I’m not self-righteous, but rather knowledgeable in this subject. I have helped many moms succeed with their breastfeeding goals. If u don’t like it, I can’t help u there!

Lisa J December 14, 2010, 5:48 PM

You see, this is what I don’t get — the extreme anger women feel when someone says that breast milk is nutritionally superior to formula. It’s just a fact. If I feed my child Chicken McNuggets, I know they’re process disgusting factory-farmed chicken parts (this is why I don’t feed my child Chicken McNuggets). I’m not saying I always give my son the best nutrition, but for the first six months all he got was breast milk (and he has continued to get it for two years), because there was no reason NOT to give it to him. No reason good enough to compromise his health. And yes, I know formula fed babies can be healthy. I was formula fed myself. But why take the risk when you can give your child the nutrition his or her body needs? And if you choose not to do so, why would you be angry when someone states the simple fact that breast milk is what a baby’s body expects and needs? Choosing not to give it to your child doesn’t change that fact.

Grace December 14, 2010, 7:35 PM

Well said LisaJ! I like what u said about the Chicken McNuggets. In addition, a child would probably survive if fed McDonald’s every day for a year. It’s still one year of POOR NUTRITION.

credit score December 15, 2010, 8:03 AM

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#1 RN December 15, 2010, 12:20 PM

WOW - never seen so many insecure breast feeding moms!! I breast feed, but in my community we support all moms, regardless of how they choose to feed realizing it is MOM’S health and well being that contribute to the baby’s health - not whether it’s a boob or a bottle.

I’m a pediatric RN - I’ve breastfed AND formula fed. My first baby was healthier on formula than breast milk while baby #2 thrived on breast milk. The difference between the 2 is SO neglible that all the nazi breast feeders need to stop patting themselves on the back and look at the horrible example they are setting as mean, petty and self-superior women

Jen December 15, 2010, 3:20 PM

U sound more like a #2 nurse. I’m glad u don’t work in my child’s pediatric office. U sound very unhappy. Yes, it’s mom’s health that’s important. So is child’s health. They are all necessary for good health. Maybe u need some refresher courses because it’s unfortunate to moms if you’re suggesting there are negligible differences with bm. Nurses are key to what choices moms make. U don’t have to be pushy to show them that breast milk is essential, but u can still effectively convey the information. Some moms just need the right info. Other moms have their mind already made up. That’s fine! Just stop giving false information. If u don’t like the truth, then just ignore, don’t try to twist it.

Lisa J December 16, 2010, 9:18 AM

#1 RN, I’m confused about how talking about the risks of formula use makes anyone “insecure.” If I tell you that a sedentary lifestyle introduces risks for your health, does that make me an “insecure exerciser?” If I tell you that smoking is a risk for lung cancer, am I an “insecure nonsmoker?” I’m confused by how stating facts makes me insecure. On the other hand, I’m quite secure in the knowledge that I have made the best choice for my child’s nutrition. I may not always make the best choices, and when I don’t, I have no problem admitting that. But in this one case, I made the best choice, and yes, I do wish other women would do the same for their babies. I believe their babies are entitled to the best nutrition.

To new moms or expecting moms December 16, 2010, 11:15 AM

To all the new moms or soon to be new moms, please, PLEASE, ignore all the bickering on here and do what works best for you. I promise you, your baby will do great regardless of being formula fed or breastfed (or a combination of both). As an expecting mom I remember laying awake at night just crying and crying because I felt so torn between the two options because of the crazy amount of guilt some of the breastfeeding moms shove down people’s throats. Honestly, the breastfeeding Nazi types turned me off from breastfeeding more. (Thank you so much to all of you breastfeeding moms who are supportive of fellow moms regardless of choice) That shove it down your throat type approach really isn’t the best way to go about it! A happy mom makes a happy baby and whatever makes YOU happy is the best way to go. We all have our reasons to not breastfeed or to not formula feed…. ignore all of the harsh comments and focus on what is truly best for you because that is what’s going to be best for your baby.

P.S.- To any new moms or expecting moms, please stay off of the message boards or comment sections like this because it will only cause stress that you don’t need. Talk to your pediatrician or read an unbiased fact based website about breastfeeding versus formula and then you can make your decision but reading these blogs will just cause stress that isn’t good for you or baby.

Here is an article that seems fact based and unbiased, stick to info like this, not from harsh posts online:

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