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Gisele Launches 'Gisele and the Green Team'

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Gisele sure is out to put the "super" in "supermodel!"

Gisele and The Green Team

She has joined forces with AOL to launch "Gisele and the Green Team," a Web series designed to encourage young girls to do what they can to protect the planet. You'll find fun, eco-friendly games as well as a whole bunch of how-to-go-green tips.

In webisodes entitled "The Case of the Lawless Loggers" and "The Case of the Illicit Arsenic," the series' crime-fighting cuties are kind of like the 2D "Charlie's Angels" of environmental issues. Users log in to play games, learn of secret missions, get tips on how to go green and discover their innate "girl power" by clicking on a jeweled facet of a star avatar to discover Gisele's suggestions as to how to "stress less."

The supermodel told ParentDish that she'd launched the project because she "wanted to find ways to educate kids and adults about a subject very important to me and what should be to them: saving the planet."

Apparently, Gisele and her husband, Tom Brady, also uphold this green bent at home. "We are building a home in Los Angeles, and for light, we bought hydrogen light bulbs because they use less electricity and last longer," she said. "We have solar panels [and] we are using recycled wood so we are not cutting down new trees. Our house in Costa Rica is powered by solar panels and wind. We have a water-collection system since it rains anywhere between four to five months out of the year, and I gave [my son Benjamin] toys from his older [half-brother] Jack as opposed to buying all new toys and creating more waste. Hand-me-downs work well in this case."

What do you guys think? Is this something you'd encourage your daughters to watch? Will it be a hit, or will it miss the mark?

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