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Interview with 'Georgia's Kitchen' Author Jenny Nelson!

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Guest blogger Mom-To-Be: I'm not sure how Jenny Nelson does it. She managed to write a fabulous debut novel, "Georgia's Kitchen," while simultaneously raising twin 6-year-old daughters. (Pregnant for the first time with a singleton, I can't even imagine twins!)

Georgia's Kitchen
"Georgia's Kitchen" is the perfect holiday gift for any woman in your life. It's the story of 33-year-old Georgia Gray, a soon-to-be married head chef until ... well, she's not. The story takes place in New York and Tuscany and will capture you instantly, sucking you in until the very last page. Trust me: This book is a must-read for any woman who has ever nursed a broken heart, been kicked when she was down or needed to look inwards to find the strength to persevere. (Um, that's all of us!)

After I fell in love with "Georgia's Kitchen," I reached out to Jenny Nelson and asked if she'd share her secrets to success. She happily agreed.

momlogic: Tell us about your twins.
Jenny Nelson:
Ava and Flora are six years old and started first grade this fall. For the first time ever, they're in different classrooms with different teachers. After much discussion, my husband and I decided it'd be best for their development and sense of self to form friendships and learn at their own pace. They're super close, so this hasn't been without challenges. But so far, things are going well, thanks in large part to their terrific teachers. The other day, Flora came home with a picture that said, "The apple of my eye is Ava," so they clearly haven't lost their "twinamin" bond.

ml: How did you balance being a mother and writing your book?
Now that the girls are in school all day, it's easier. When they were younger, I'd sometimes write at night when they were asleep, although I usually wanted to be sleeping, too! I have a very involved and helpful husband and a wonderful babysitter, which makes it much easier to leave the girls to write.

ml: Where do you write now, and when?
In the morning, after drop-off and after I run whatever errands I need to do -- i.e., check e-mail, go online, make my second cup of tea or coffee if I really need it. Lately, that's all the time: Chalk it up to SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). I wish desperately to be one of those people who wake up super early, plop down at their laptop and crank out pages upon pages in one sitting, but alas, I've accepted that that's not me and likely never will be. If you are one of those people, how do you do it? Please share!

ml: Do you cook for your children? If so, what are their favorite things to eat?
Yes! I love cooking for and with Ava and Flora. They love most kinds of pasta, especially with peas and Parmesan; one of my go-to comfort foods, quesadillas; grilled chicken and salmon; risotto; flank steak; cheeseburgers; mashed sweet and regular potatoes; banana bread (which we call "baba," since that's all they could manage when they were little) ... and cookies.

ml: What do your twins want for Christmas this year?
It took a while, but they've finally discovered American Girl dolls. They were never "doll" kind of girls, choosing instead to play with one of their zillion stuffed animals, but when the catalog -- or magazine, as they say -- arrived in the mail, they spent hours poring over it, trying to figure out which one they'd ask Santa to bring. For the record, Flora's hoping for Felicity and Ava would like Josefina. Will Santa bring the dolls? They're tucked away in my guest-bedroom closet as I type!

ml: Do you have a Christmas tradition?
We have many Christmakkah traditions, since we celebrate both Hanukkah and Christmas. On Hanukkah, we light candles, sing songs and eat potato latkes. For Christmas, we decorate the tree with a mix of new and old ornaments -- some that my grandmother bought during World War II on the gray market. The angel, Angela, who sits atop our tree, has been with us for at least 40 years. I love the stories behind the ornaments and we always recount where the special ones came from, start a fire and listen to Christmas carols while we decorate. Growing up, my mother gave me and my sister special bird ornaments every year, and we've kept up the tradition with Ava and Flora. We also bake an insane amount of cookies -- always the same kinds; many that my grandmother baked -- and of course leave some out for Santa, along with carrots for the reindeer.

For more information about the lovely and talented Jenny Nelson and her debut novel, "Georgia's Kitchen," visit her website:

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