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Super Bowl Cheat Sheet

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Are you ready for some football?! Former NFLer Femi Ayanbadejo gives you the low down on a first down.

femi ayanbadejo playing football for the cardinals


  1. The most important part of an offense is to score points.
  2. The offense must also avoid fumbles (dropping the ball) and interceptions (the other team catching the ball). These are called turnovers.
  3. It is an NFL fact that the team that turns the ball over the least usually wins.
  4. Another important aspect of an offense is to get as many first downs as possible. (see below)
  5. A consistent offense keeps a defense fresh and well-rested.
  6. The best offenses have balance. They can run and pass the ball.


  1. The most important part of a defense is to keep the offense from scoring.
  2. The more disruptive a defense is the more turnovers it can force on the opposing offense.
  3. A good defense does not allow an offense to convert on 3rd down and get a new set of downs.
  4. Solid defensive units stop the run and defend the pass.
  5. Defenses in the NFL must have some ability to disguise what they are doing in coverage.

For those who need to be in the know but are not, let's get you up to speed. Here's a top 10 list of required information for the big game:

  1. The football field is 100 yards long and 52 1/2 yards wide.
  2. The area in which a touchdown is scored is called the end zone.
  3. A Touchdown is worth 6 points and the point after kick is worth 1 point.
  4. There are four ways to score points. Touchdowns, extra point after a TD, field goals and a safety.
  5. A field goal is worth 3 points, this is a way to secure points without scoring a touchdown.
  6. A safety occurs when an offensive player with the ball is tackled in their own end zone.
  7. A safety is worth 2 points and are relatively hard to come by.
  8. A first down is given to the offense when the ball moves 10 yards or more in 4 downs -- or tries -- or less. Each team has four chances to move the ball 10 yards. For example, "3rd and 7" means this is the team's third attempt to move the ball 10 yards. They have 7 yards to go.
  9. Punts secure field position for a team's defense if they feel they cannot score or get a 1st down.
  10. The length of a football game in real time is 60 minutes with four 15 minute quarters.
Please remember, what not to say during a football game is just as important as what you should say:

  • No team wins a game based on the color of their uniforms.
  • We don't care how nice the athletes butts look in their game pants.
  • We don't care how cute any of the players are on the field or on the sideline.
  • We don't care how pretty some girl is in the stands.
  • We don't care what you think about Saints fan Kim Kardashian, Colts fan Kendra Wilkinson Baskett or any other player's significant other.
  • Never say that you don't understand, just ask questions. Football is not rocket science or calculus.
  • Football is fun. Never say you're bored or act bored. Just drink more and cheer louder!
  • During the game, all talk should be centered around football play unless its halftime or a timeout.

Here are five phrases you can throw out anytime during the game. Work these into conversation and I promise you will be most impressive.

  1. There are three phases in a football game: Offense, defense and special teams.
  2. To win, you have to dominate two of out of the three phases of the game.
  3. Offense wins games, defense win championships.
  4. Who ever turns the ball over more is going to lose.
  5. Who ever has more explosive plays on offense is going to win.

Football is now America's greatest past time -- the NFL is a $7 billion (yes- that's with a B) business and that alone says it's fun. Yell, scream, slap your guy, and get caught up in the game. If you're really not into it, fake it and make your margaritas doubles!

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Anonymous February 7, 2011, 1:59 AM

Ouch, shouldn’t everyone already know all of this stuff? This is almost patronizing to women…

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