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Punished in Public: Mom Sells Sons' Toys on EBay

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A mom unhappy that her sons' toys were scraping the enamel off her bathtub took action and as punishment sold the toys on eBay, posting a photo on the auction page of her boys looking devastated.

Mom Punishes Kids

The boys were playing with Beyblade, a Japanese Manga series where spinning tops are used to battle. According to the mom, after the boys played with them in the bathtub, the quote for repairs to the porcelain and tiles was $500!

Her eBay post read:

"We are selling 8 Beyblades, 2 of them light up. As you can tell, they are not happy about this! They have been using their bathtub as a "battle arena" and Beyblades + Bathtub = Destruction!!! With the metal ones they managed to scrape the enamel off the tub, take a chunk of tub out and break off the soap holder. SO if you "win" this auction DON'T play with in a bathtub!!! We have received a quote of $500.00 to replace the tub, some tiles, and soap holder + labor of course! They had approximately $125.67 in their piggy banks that will be going to toward the cost. We will use the profit from this auction towards the balance and then it is onto other toys!"

After the post was discovered on eBay by the online community 4Chan, its members ganged up on the mom, calling her awful names and falsely bidding up to $999,000 before the auction was closed. posted the community chain here.

This is not the first time a parent has punished his or her kids in public. Last year, we posted "10 Kids Punished by Their Parents ... in Public."

Momlogic expert Dr. Wendy Walsh, a mother and Doctor of Psychology does not recommend parents resorting to public punishment. "Punishment that involves additional public shame on top of private family shame can be dangerous, damaging and have lifelong effects," says Walsh. "My advice is always: Water what you want to grow. Do not water weeds. Praise good behavior. Give little attention to bad behavior, and your child's internal garden of emotions will flourish in a healthy way."

Momlogic wants to know -- would you sell your kid's toys on eBay as punishment? Did this mom take her anger too far?

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CC February 22, 2011, 3:42 PM

I think she was spot on. She maybe didn’t have to post the STORY on e-bay along with a picture of the boys, but making them pay for the damage with their savings and by selling the toys is a good way to teach them responsibility.

Kymber February 22, 2011, 4:08 PM

Is it not the mother’s decision what toys her children play with, in which I bet she probably purchased said toys? Instead of punishing the children, why not sell the toys in a positive manner and allow the children to use the money to purchase bathtub toys? Why make a punishment out of playtime? She is old enough to know better.

Anonymous February 23, 2011, 2:51 AM

I’m with CC. Kids need to learn the consequences of their actions. They should have stopped when they saw the damage they were doing and should be old enough to know better. There are plenty of children in the world who, at the age these boys are, have to raise younger siblings, cook meals, and go out to work. Perhaps a week or so in that kind of life would teach them some appreciation for the things around them. I don’t agree with the pictures being posted though; the story, yes, the pictures, no.

Me February 23, 2011, 7:54 AM

I think selling them is fine, she should not have posted a picture of her children though. That is ridiculous..

Jessica  February 23, 2011, 10:35 AM

Um, where was mom while the two (young) boys were destroying the bathtub? Those things are very loud and I can’t imagine that she didn’t know what was going on…unless, of course, she wasn’t paying any attention to her kids.

Sudep February 24, 2011, 6:03 AM

Public humiliation indeed! This is certainly not the best way to discipline a child. I agree that selling the toys is fine but the posting of photo isn’t.

Cullen February 24, 2011, 3:36 PM

In reply to the “Momlogic” expert, “don’t give much attention to bad behavior”? Really? Please do not misunderstand; I’m not advocating for all negative attention. But, lady have you stopped to look at the majority of our youth today? So when they go to school and steal someone’s ipod or vandalize someone’s property, parents should say it’s okay honey just don’t do it again but hey nice job with the spray paint on the side of the building. This is one of our country’s major problems with our youth. Our youth have a sense of entitlement, as if we owe them something. I’m here to tell you I don’t owe them ANYTHING. I pay my taxes to help attempt to provide them with an education; yet, so many of them sit in a classroom sucking up space and prohibit the education of others. And why? Simply because they have NEVER been held accountable for their actions. The parents want to play the blame game. It’s everyone else’s fault; it’s not my child’s fault; it’s not my fault that I don’t discipline my child and teach him or her manners. I commend this mom 100% and could care less what others think. I only hope she doesn’t let all the negativity get to her.

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Perfect Dad March 2, 2011, 8:18 AM

Except for the public humiliation, the punishment might have been reasonable. We see pictures of crying kids and imagine terrible things, but all that’s probably happening is they are selling toys to pay for repairs to damage they caused. My kids sometimes cry if they have to eat their vegetables!

However, it is a bad idea to post embarassing things to the Internet.

wayneybcty March 5, 2011, 1:17 PM

I have an idea. Lets put the kids in wooden stocks in a public area and have other kids make fun of them maybe they could throw rotten fruits and veggies at them. No wait, I think that was tried a few centuries ago.

Mary March 5, 2011, 2:37 PM

Everything in life has consequences. This mom has the right idea. She is teaching the consequences of bad behavior and that destruction of property has to be paid for by someone. It should always be the one responsible for the destruction. The children should learn that their bad behavior caused them to pay for the destruction with the loss of their toys.

Justanotheropinion March 5, 2011, 3:17 PM

I think mom was correct in selling the toys to pay for the damages to the bathtub. As far as public humiliation goes, if parents do not get a handle on their children’s bad (Yes, I said it. Bad!)behavior, trust me, they may end up publicly humilliated when their names and pictures are posted by the media when they are arrested. You do not ignore behavior. With all due respect to Dr. Walsh: Your advice is not good for children or gardens. Really??? Water what you want to grow? You compared bad behavior to weeds. Here is something very interesting about weeds. They show up whether they are watered or not. The only way you get rid of weeds is by pulling them out by thier roots.

Amanda March 5, 2011, 3:27 PM

Im with Cullen On this The Youth Is Rude,and mean like the fights and fight clubs Not all the Youth is mean and and ill-mannered,But Alot are So what this mother did I see no wrong In It. Teaches them right away instead of getting in there teens and say oh well walks away …

BMXMOM March 5, 2011, 4:37 PM

I believe the mother did EXACTLY what she should of except posting the picture, and I only say that because I dont want my kids pics given to strangers.
We as parents are supposed to teach our children consequences of their actions. The toys belonged to the kids, they destroyed someone elses property and needed to pay for the repairs.
The people that are sitting there calling this woman names are probably the same people that always use the excuse ‘Boys will be boys’ when their kids are young and then wonder why they are irresponsible at 18+.
Kids have to learn that there are consequences, she is showing that she loves her kids because she cares about what type of people they will turn out to be!

Patricia March 5, 2011, 7:08 PM

I dont think there was any damage at all. When i was a child I played with beyblades all the time in the bathtub we also had porclien tiles. I was only allowed to play with my beyblades in the tub so nothing would get broken. I was exxtremly ruff with the toys and so was my brother. The beyblades did not do a single thing to the tub and we had the heavy duty beyblades.

Oldschooldad March 6, 2011, 5:52 PM

The pics…..well “maybe” a little over the top. But the response in my opinion was a little short of the mark. The “so call” psycologist is typical of the “not me” generation. As many of the posters’ have stated this is just why things are sooo messed up now. We put little Johnny in time out where he learns nothing but how to invent imaginary friends and think of more ways to screw up. Loosing the toys was something they understand. “If I do this then I will loose this”. That is how our society does it. If you steal you loose your freedom, if you kill you are executed or go to jail for life. Folks it is time to go back to not rewarding for doing what is expected but rewarding for doing more than what is expected. If you get great grades you get praise or rewarded. If you get bad grades you get punished. Lets stop thinking only about “ME” and think about others.

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