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OMG! I Forgot Valentine's Day!

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And it made me feel like the worst mom in the world.

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Momlogic's Julie: When my first-born was two, he started preschool. I knew the class was having a Valentine's party ... but it didn't occur to me that I would need to buy Valentine's Day cards until February 13 at 10 PM.

After my son had gone to sleep that night, I found a crumpled piece of paper at the bottom of his backpack. It was a class list for the Valentines. SH*T, I FORGOT THE VALENTINES! I threw on some sweats and hauled butt to the nearest grocery store. No luck. They were out of valentines. Did the clerk give me a look of pity ... or disgust? Hard to tell. But I already felt bad enough.

She said to try the drugstore, open 24 hours.

I went there and the Valentine's Day aisle was nearly empty. All they had were two boxes of Bratz valentines. I couldn't in good conscience send my SON to school with Bratz valentine's, could I?

There were a few other parents milling about, looking as lost and desperate as I was.

I went to the greeting card aisle. More people looking desperate and frantic. No preschool-appropriate cards there, either.

I hit the office supply aisle for some red construction paper. They were all out. Guess I wasn't the first person to have that idea.

I felt defeated. I was the worst mom in the world.

In desperation, I ended up buying brown paper lunch bags, filling them with candy, and then cutting a heart out of the top and tying the bags with a red bow.

That would just have to be good enough.

And you know what? It was. He didn't even know the difference.

But ever since, I always buy the valentines EXTRA early. With a little luck, I will never have to make that February 13 walk of shame again!

Have YOU ever forgotten your kids' class valentines?

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Krystine February 14, 2011, 8:08 PM

Glad I’m not the only one! I didn’t forget the valentines this year but I did neglect to notice they don’t have teacher cards in the boxes anymore. We ended up making cards for my son’s teachers, hopefully they will be good for some extra brownie points :)

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