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April Fools' Day Pranks to Play on Kids

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Want to play some fun April Fools' pranks on your kids? We have some fun and easy ideas to make this an April Fools' Day they'll never forget ....

April Fools' Pranks to Play on Kids

Breakfast ... on the Rocks

Freeze a bowl of cereal and milk with the spoon inside. Serve it to your child and watch the shock register on their face when they discover their cereal is FROZEN!

To Dye For

If your kids like cereal with milk, sneak a few drops of food coloring into the milk before they pour it. They'll freak when they see blue or green milk pouring out of the carton!

Rise and Shine!

Over at Family Fun, a mom shared her best April Fools' prank: She woke her kids up for school and served them breakfast. She and her husband were already dressed and ready for work. Then she told her kids to look outside -- it was pitch black. She said: "April Fools! It's only 3:00 AM!" Wow! That's really going the extra mile ....

Make a Surprising School Lunch

School lunches offer a great opportunity to prank your kids on April Fools' Day. Pack an apple with a gummy worm inside. Put plastic insects in your kid's lunchbox. Or empty a chip bag and put Cheerios or veggies in it instead. Be creative!

Fly in the Ice

Put a plastic fly in an ice cube, then serve it in a glass of water. Get ready for your kid to SCREAM!

What a Dessert!

Tell your kids you are serving dessert first at dinner. Then serve meatloaf "cupcakes" with mashed-potato icing.

Toilet Humor

Write a note (or a joke) to your kid on toilet paper with a Sharpie and then place it in the toilet bowl right before they go to the bathroom.

Butter 'Em Up

This was a cute prank that a dad pulled on his son:

Serve Kids a Meal They'll Never Forget!

Another classic from Family Fun! You'll need peanut- butter log candy (to look like chicken nuggets) and a handful of green and orange Skittles (to look like peas and carrots). Then top vanilla ice cream with caramel topping so it looks like mashed potatoes and gravy. Your kids will be in for a sweet surprise!

For a list of cruel pranks played on kids in the past, click here.

What's YOUR best April Fools' Day prank?

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