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Brooke Mueller and Charlie Sheen: Kid Wars

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On Tuesday night, Charlie Sheen's twin sons, Max and Bob, were removed from his Sherman Oaks home by the Sheriff's Department. The boys were returned to their mother, Brooke Mueller, who filed court documents earlier in the day, alleging Sheen took Bob and Max from her home without her permission on Feb. 26 and had held them from her since that date.

Judge Hank M. Goldberg took away Sheen's custody and issued a restraining order, which prevents the actor from being within 100 yards of Brooke and their children.

In the filings, Brooke stated, "I am very concerned that [Sheen] is currently insane. I am in great fear that he will find me and attack me and I am in great fear for the children's safety while in his care."

Mueller, who has struggled for years with addiction, also admitted in the court documents to "falling off the wagon last week" with Sheen's girlfriends while in the Bahamas. Brooke says she is currently in day treatment for drug issues.

Charlie, who reportedly tested clean for drug use, appeared on "Today" this morning, talking about his sons being taken into protective custody by police.

As he currently doesn't know where his children are, do you have any sympathy for Charlie? Do you think Charlie should know the location of his children? If you were in Brooke's place, worried about protecting her children, what would you do?

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MommyLisa March 2, 2011, 11:12 AM

Umm - I think NEITHER of them should have the kids. Ick.

Anonymous March 2, 2011, 3:58 PM

Of course he should have the children. She’s the one calling him names and slandering him in public, not to mention that if she’s in clinics all day then she can’t actually have the time she needs to take care of her children; it will be other people who are raising them. I’m confused as to how the police even have the right to take them away from their father. Where does it say in the law that mothers automatically get custody when parents separate?

Carol March 2, 2011, 8:00 PM

They both have problems - difference is she admits to hers and is seeking help, he denies his problems. She is not living with two guys and having sex with both. And she does not have a porn star living with her.
Oh, and she doesn’t have a lenghty record of run ins with the law.

Where's Mommy? March 3, 2011, 7:05 AM

Charlie Sheens is bonkers …

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