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Another Tot Served Alcohol at Chain Restaurant

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First a 2-year-old was served sangria at an Olive Garden, then a 15-month-old was served a margarita at Applebee's, now a 4-year-old was served a mudslide at Chili's.

This time, the alleged drink swap took place at a Chicago Chili's restaurant, according to CBS Chicago.

Brooklynn Morris' mother, Tyree Davis, said she ordered a chocolate milkshake for her daughter but she was instead served a mudslide.

Davis claims the alcoholic beverage made Brooklyn sick. She then proceeded to call the police, who responded to the restaurant and told her to take her daughter to the emergency room.

Chili's released a statement giving a different account about how the drinks were served.

Watch the full report:

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ugh April 20, 2011, 3:40 PM

oh, cash load! She is probably going to sue. Its the American way!

SICK OF IT April 20, 2011, 3:52 PM

Of course she should SUE! These have not been mistakes!!! These servers are probably nothing but child haters who think giving children alcohol is a good way of making sure the kids keep quiet in their section. SICKOS!!!

Rob G April 21, 2011, 8:00 AM

@Sick of it Really? Do you have any idea the legal ramifications of serving alcohol to a minor? Because I can assure you that every server I’ve ever worked with is well aware of what would happen to them in that case. Even if giving the kids a bit of alcohol might quiet them down a bit the criminal and civil charges that server could face would make it not at all worth while. Please stop reading conspiracy websites, they’re clearly getting to you.

tax payer April 22, 2011, 5:32 AM

all of this is so rediculous. can we say “meal ticket” I wouldn’t be surprised if those kids were given more alcohal on the way to the hospital by the parents themselves just for the effect. Have you ever had a mudslide at chile’s? There is literally one to one and half shots of kahlua which is a liquor, that means it is 40 proof, which is half as strong as say vodka which is 80 proof. If that kid drank a few sips of that, maybe she ingested a tablespoon full. In no way that kid got sick, are you serious. There is more alcohol in cough medicine. And to sick of it…No one would ever do such a thing on purpose. The job economy is bad enough, why do such a thing to lose it. Plus no one is trying to waste any liquor on some brat with it’s welfare mother. Seriously? Now she’s all over the news, sunglasses inside and all. Maybe she can get off those food stamps and housing we all pay for. Now especially with her payout from a hardworking restaurant. Plus don’t you think it’s a little strange, that all these are happening all of a sudden. Coincidence, No. These people see that it’s working. Why not join the bandwagen. They don’t have much of a conscience anyways, they take taxpayer welfare checks each month, so they can go eat a chili’s. cook at home! Yeah right…When the checks get a little low. BAM!! Pop out another fatherless child we can all pay for and you can give all the great motherly no how to scan the american society for some mo money mo money mo money.

WhoCares? April 22, 2011, 7:46 AM

Another scam!

kirsen1 May 2, 2011, 9:27 AM

Tax payer, i am also a tax payer and i think its hilarious that you are making all of these assumptions about this woman… I wonder if you would be doing the same if it were a white woman with an English accent? How do you know this woman is on welfare? or doesn’t have a father? I would love to know where you are getting this information from.

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