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Should You Avoid Canned Foods?

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Many consumers have become aware of the alarming research that shows chemicals from food packaging can leech into the foods they contain -- even though the Food and Drug Administration identifies and generally approves many of the chemicals and deems them safe for consumption.

canned foods
In the case of canned foods and beverages, the lining in the cans, which prevents rust and preserves freshness, is typically made with a resin that includes dangerous chemicals known as phthalates and Bisphenol A, more commonly known as BPA. The problem with BPA is that it is known to mimic the human hormone estrogen, while some phthalates mimic male hormones.
Consumer watchdogs have found canned foods laced with these chemicals and in several states. Manufacturers have discontinued their use in baby and children's products. Families can reduce their exposure to these two chemicals simply by avoiding foods packaged in cans - such as soups, beans and tuna. Eden Organic and Wild Planet are two companies known for using BPA-free cans.

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