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Alicia Silverstone Feeds Baby Bear from Her Mouth!

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We know and appreciate that all parents raise their children differently, but we aren't quite sure about this story -- Alicia Silverstone feeds her son directly from her mouth!


The 35-year-old posted an entry on her blog, explaining that she chews food and feeds it to 10-month-old son Bear Blu directly from her mouth -- much like a bird. She included a video with the post, showing the little guy snacking right from his mom's kisser:


The "Clueless" actress says that this method is her favorite way to feed her boy, saying that it's his favorite as well. And while we know there are occasions when a little pre-chewing might be helpful or necessary, the delivery means -- and consistency with which Alicia uses the direct mouth-to-mouth method -- has us a little curious.

So we ask, what do you think of pre-chewing with direct mouth-to-mouth consumption? Have you ever fed your child in this manner, or would you?

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