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Strangers Can Snoop via Your Baby Monitor

baby monitor

It's surprisingly easy to peek into homes by tapping into the video transmissions. Should parents worry?


Breastfeeding Moms Get Just as Much Sleep

mom breastfeeding
One of the biggest reasons many women give up breastfeeding very early on is that they feel that night feedings are going to cost them sleep. But not all night feedings are created equal. Breastfeeding in the middle of the night can require a woman to wake up only in the most limited sense ....


Are Birthday Gifts Bad?

baby with birthday gift
As my daughter's first birthday approaches next month, the invites for other first birthdays are coming in as well. We have gotten a few invitations that have said "no gifts"; in lieu of gifts, they are taking donations for a charity of their choice. Was I being politically incorrect by letting people give my daughter presents? 


Fancy Parties for 1-Year-Olds Are a Waste of Money!

Waldorf Hotel
Throwing a fancy birthday party for a 1-year-old is like throwing your money down the toilet. The baby won't remember it, but that's a good thing because they aren't going to enjoy it, either.


Daddies Get Postpartum Depression, Too

depressed man
Research says that one in four new dads suffers from postpartum depression. Between 1,000 and 2,700 of them are diagnosed each day in the United States alone!


Breastfeeding and Rape Trauma

woman breastfeeding
For many rape victims, the prospect of childbirth and breastfeeding brings a particular brand of fear. But one brave woman who had endured a violent gang rape ignored the lack of positive literature. In fact, she credits breastfeeding with empowering her and helping her take back her body from her assailants. 


Are You and Your Child Astrologically Compatible?

When we are dating, we find ourselves looking up our astrological compatibility with our mates. So why not do that with our kids?


Why My Baby Doesn't Sleep in My Bed

baby in crib
For a few short nights, we had our baby sleeping between us, all swaddled up. But I was paranoid. Above everything, I feared having a child in our bed each and every night for years to come.