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Amy Brenneman: Crafting with Mom

mom crafting with daughter

I learned some great life lessons when I sat down to make valentines with my kids this past weekend.


The Walker

old woman with walker

Today I was caught behind a woman and her walker in a back hallway. I considered tapping her on the shoulder, but for what? To startle her, so that I could get to the elevator five seconds earlier? I didn't want to play that part today.


Beth's Father (All Saints' Day)

sad old man in church

Amy Brenneman writes: Not raised in a church where All Saints' Day was celebrated, I never understood exactly what it was. Now I do. After the bacchanal of Halloween comes the real day of the dead. The day we remember the dead.


Just One

woman lighting up cigarrette
It's not the smoking itself. I'm sure I'll stop someday, and maybe someday soon. But til then, it's my moment. The moment that's hard to come by, with kids and husband and workplace and friends.



woman looking at rearview mirror
I don't know why I think I'm invisible in my car. It's not like anyone couldn't just look over and observe -- to their horror, no doubt -- a reasonably attractive woman attacking her chin with unbridled pleasure. But some of you would understand. Do you ever pluck in your car?


Observations from My Own Front Line

Eight years ago, in the Stone Age of the Internet, we did an episode of "Judging Amy" in which Donna (hilarious eccentric) talked about her "blog." It was a laugh line. "What is a blog?" queried the non-eccentrics. Ah, crazy Donna. Now I find myself embarking on this blogging journey of my own.