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Is It Time for My Husband to Snip Snip?

man crying

I just had my second child and I'm not planning on a third, so it's time to have the birth-control talk. Pill, condoms, IUD ... or is it time for my husband to snip snip?

Dare I say that my husband may have to have the big V?


Adventures in Breastfeeding

woman breast feeding

I just went on my first business trip since having a baby three months ago. I was reluctant to go at first because I am still breastfeeding, but I made it work and did a 36-hour trip. So let the adventures begin!


My Boobs Are Like Rocks!

woman clutching chest

As if giving birth wasn't painful enough -- after you come home from the hospital, your boobs turn into rocks. They're hard, painful boulders that you have to carry around and then feed your baby with every two hours. Please don't be jealous.


A Nurse Delivered My Baby!

nurse with babies
Since it is my second child, everyone thought I would be early. For days, I thought I was going into labor, then the contractions went away. Finally, in the middle of the night, they came for real, and they came on strong -- right away, about four to five minutes apart.


Chinese Postpartum Confinement?

woman and baby behind locked door

In many cultures -- especially the Chinese culture -- the first month post-delivery is the most important when it comes to a woman's health. Ancient Chinese traditions dictate a mother must stay inside, avoid bathing or washing her hair, and not be with anyone other than her baby. But what's the real reason behind these "crazy" traditions?


Any Day Now? From Stalling to Waiting!

Frustrated pregnant woman

I was thinking that I would be early, so now EVERYONE around me is on baby watch -- and sending me text messages left and right. What's the big rush?!


Oops, I Peed My Pants!

Oops, I Pee'd My Pants!

No, this annoying experience is not just for your little kids. Along with my bun in the oven, I have developed a little leak. What am I, a Buick?!


"Mom" Me vs. "Work" Me

mom at work mom with baby

Sometimes I struggle with juggling my two identities -- and with a second baby on the way, I wonder if one will engulf the other.