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What's Wrong with a Mini Van?

mom and child at minivan

I recently gave up my convertible for an SUV, but why am I so opposed to a mini van? People who have them love them. Those who don't, swear they will never go there. Why?


Kidney Stones -- It's Like Labor!

pregnant woman inside a car

Sad, but true. I'm 21 weeks pregnant and my doctor says I have kidney stones. Yuck!


Mom Dating?

play date

First, there's dating to find a mate. Then, once you're married, there's couples' dating. Then you have a baby ... and this whole new mom world opens up. Are you compatible? Do the babies get along? Do they have the same schedule? It's kind of funny.


Oops -- I Did It Again!

pregnant woman holding a baby

Well, it wasn't exactly oops! We were planning to have another child soon, but maybe not this soon. My son just turned one, I just stopped breastfeeding. My body was mine again. I had lost most of my baby weight. I could have wine and sushi and not feel guilty ...


Cleft Lip: One Year Later

mother and child waiting in hospital

We've come a long way since I first found out my baby had a cleft. I felt sad, and I felt ashamed for feeling sad -- how could I be so vain?


No More Toothless Grin

baby boy with his mouth open

Yea! My son finally got his first tooth -- well, actually he got his first teeth (two bottom teeth). Why am I excited? Because he's a year old and, while I loved his toothless smile, I was starting to get worried that he'd never get teeth.


Driver's License or Mugshot?

bad drivers license photo

Like we don't already look bad enough in our driver's license photo -- now four states are adopting a "no smile" policy for your driver's license, and more could follow.


My Son Ate His Birthday Cake with a Spoon!

It's my son's first birthday. We did it. We made it through the first year. I still can't believe he's a year old. Everyone tells you it goes fast, but some days, especially in the beginning, I felt like I wouldn't make it through. But I did and now my son is 1. It's a celebration for him and a celebration for us.