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If I Go on Vacation, Will My Baby Forget Me?

Young woman with arms crossed, looking out of window

When I tell people I just left my baby for almost 2 weeks to go to Italy with my husband, they either think "How could you leave for that long?" or they can't wait to start planning their trip.


Oops! I Gave My Baby a Bowl Cut!

I had been putting off cutting my son's hair. He's only 11 months, but it was time. The cute shaggy rocker look only lasted so long. His bangs were covering his eyes and every time he woke up from a nap he ended up with a knotted mohawk.


Why I Love TV, But Not For My Baby

As a child, I couldn't wait for Saturday morning cartoons. But now as a mom, the rule in my house is no TV if the baby is around. Hypocritical, I know.


It's All Chinese to Me!

As a kid, I hated that my parents forced me to go to Saturday Chinese school. Looking back, it wasn't so bad -- and now I feel privileged to be able to speak Mandarin. So when I had my son, there was no question that my son would learn Chinese, but how?