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Does This Mean I Don't Love My Children?

mom waving to teen daughter

I must not care about my children anymore -- because I don't ask as many questions!


My Mommy's Nicer Than Your Mommy

angel woman and devil woman

I have a friend who is one of those always-kind-never-loses-her-temper sort of moms. She's like someone out of a 50s TV show, or a Dick and Jane book ... only she's in color and has a great sense of humor. Next to her, I feel like the Wicked Witch of the West!


Playing Dumb: A Mother's Smart Move

mother talking to daughter
News flash: the quickest way to kill a moment when your daughter is talking to you like a girlfriend is to respond to her like a mother.


My Kids Still Believe in Santa Claus

cookies for santa

My kids have already written their letters to Santa Claus. Tonight they are baking cookies to leave out for Santa Claus. And on Christmas Eve, they will scatter carrots and apples for Santa's reindeer. By the way, my kids are 11 and 14 years old.


I'm Friends with My Kids -- on Facebook

woman looking at facebook

Yes, I was nervous when I sent them my friend requests. Would they accept it, or ignore me? But I quickly found out that there are BIG perks to being your kids' friend on FB.


I Don't Remember Mama

mother scolding her daughter

I'm working on a theory that there is a meddling gene, and it skips a generation. While my mom was totally hands off, I am involved in every aspect of my kids' lives. Will my kids (when they have kids) model themselves after me or point resentful fingers and attend years of therapy?


Get Your Kids to Do Their Chores!

kids doing chores

I just love all those helpful tips from all those self-help experts on how to get your kids to do work around the house (insert sarcastic emoticon here).


Quality Time Travel

mother and daughter sightseeing

I worked until my second child was born -- then made the transition from working mom to SAHM. Unfortunately, my professional work ethic came with me.