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I Slept with My Husband

couple sleeping

When our oldest daughter turned 13, we celebrated. I'm not talking about an elaborate birthday party with my daughter and too many of her 13-year-old friends -- although we had one of those. I'm talking about dinner, alone with my husband ... at a restaurant (fancy) ... with drinks (alcoholic) ... and a movie (R-rated)!


Lies I Told Myself (New Mothers Take Notice)

mom yelling at teens

As a blogger for this site, I try to provide the perspective of a mother with older kids (the perspective of a smart-ass sometimes just slips out). It is from that vantage point of experience that I thought I would address any interested new mothers out there -- and share some lies I told myself when I first became a mother 14 years ago.


Sexy Halloween Costumes Scare Me

girl in french maid costume

I am crazy for Halloween. We go all out in our home. It's a time of year when no matter how old you are, you get to be a kid again ... that is, unless you are a kid.


Threesome, Anyone?

gossip girl omfg ad

This may come as a surprise to my friends, who know me as a left-wing, hippie liberal. I'm supposed to be all for sexual freedom. And I am, between consenting adults ... in private. So when I heard that "Gossip Girl" would be featuring a threesome on their November 9 episode, I put my fringe-moccasin'ed foot down.


The Other F-Word

Girl looking at the mirror

If I could have had three wishes in high school, they would have been: 1) to be thinner, 2) to be thinner, and 3) to be thinner. But how do I set a good example for my daughter?


I'll Make You Pay for That!

daughter asking for money

I will move Heaven and Earth to give my children their hearts' desire. But last week I made my 11-year-old reimburse me for a pack of gum.


I Hate It When I'm Right

stressed looking woman

"Mother knows best" is not just a colloquialism, it's a fact ... stated colloquially. But just like our ability to read minds or see into the future, it's both a blessing and a curse.


You Want to Be a WHAT?

girl dressed up as doctor

My oldest girl just started high school, a time when choices start to matter and mistakes can take longer to fix. Maybe it was time, I thought, to persuade her to give up her lifelong career goal of becoming Bon Bon, the fourth Powerpuff Girl.