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bethany sanders

10 Things Never to Say to a Woman Trying to Conceive

woman holding pregnancy test

There are the "Fertile Myrtles" (women who get pregnant with ease). And then there are the rest of us. Here's my top 10 list of things you should never, ever say to a woman trying to get pregnant.


I Wish We'd Never Gotten a Wii!

Kid playing wii

My complaint isn't that my kids are on the Wii all the time, it's that this stupid little white box is creating all sorts of conflict in our usually-peaceful house.


Top Five World's Worst Beach Personalities

Top Five World's Worst Beach Personalities

I went to the beach on the 4th, and couldn't believe how rude some people can be! Here are the top five worst beach personalities I encountered ... don't let this be you!


20 Foods to NEVER Feed Your Kids

Double Cheese Burger

Confession: Of the 20 foods listed on MSNBC as the "worst kids' foods in America," my kids have eaten ... well, not as many as I had feared.


Tween Texted Instead of Watching My Kid!

tween girl texting

My kids are attending a summer program this week at their school -- a program wherein they're supervised mostly by eighth graders. The team leader spends about 70 percent of the session with her eyes locked on her cell phone, frantically texting her friends!


My Kids Don't Know About the BP Oil Spill, But Should They?

For weeks, thousands of gallons of oil have been gushing into the Gulf of Mexico, creating the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history. It's a mess that will impact the Gulf for decades. And my kids know nothing about it.


10 Worst Foods Lurking in Your Fridge


Need a makeover? The healthiest place to start is in your fridge, where foods high in calories, saturated fat and sodium are waiting to sabotage your diet.


Baby Names ... Inspired by 'Glee'?

baby names

Watching "Glee" recently, I couldn't have been more thrilled when Puck chose the Kiss song "Beth" to sing to Quinn, telling her that he hoped she'd choose the name for their baby.