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bethany sanders

Dad Reads to Daughter 3,218 Nights in a Row

Dad Reads to His Daughter 3,218 Nights in a Row

When his daughter was in the fourth grade, Jim Brozina offered her a challenge: He wanted to see if the two of them could read together every night for 100 nights in a row. She accepted. When they reached their goal, she said to him quietly, "I think we should try for 1,000 nights." And that's how The Streak was born.


My Kid Is a Sore Loser

girl screaming

My kid is a true competitor, and we used to think it was cute. Not anymore.


My Baby Was Tongue-Tied

baby holding mother's hand

No, it isn't a cute way to say she's silent. It's a common abnormality that can affect nursing and speech unless the problem is resolved.