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Back-to-School Moments Never Go As We Envisioned

boy crying

This is a big year for us: For the first time in fifteen years, I will have all of my children in school! I will have two in high school, one in middle school and three in elementary school. I am already working on a diagram of how to get them to three different schools!


Let's Count the Ways We're Not Like Barbie

barbie doll

My daughter got some Barbie dolls for her birthday recently, and everywhere we go, she brings her Barbies. Elspeth (who just turned 7), happily told me, "Mommy, you are not like Barbie." I made the mistake of asking her why.


Mom: The Constant Gardener

woman gardening

Though we are always tending to others, sometimes our own "flowers" need some TLC.


Surviving Preschool Sign-up Season

woman waiting in line

Signing up for preschool is like trying to scalp tickets for a sold-out concert: It's irritating, ruthless and leaves you wondering whether it's worth the price.


Are Self-Help Dating Books Really Helpful?

woman reading

After six kids and a divorce, I am back in the dating world. And after perusing the dating-books section, I have decided that staying single might be the way to go.


Kids Learn from Our Stumbles

kid at roller rink

As I went skating with my six kids recently, I found myself thinking about how the fear of falling can prevent us from trying something. So what if we fall? Don't we want our children to see that yes, sometimes we do fall, but, more importantly, that we get back up?


Our Life Is a Reality Show ... Again

mom with wild kids

In the blink of an eye, I went from storyteller to being the story. I had grandiose plans of getting my six kids and home in spic-and-span order before the camera crew got to my house for "Supernanny." Instead, one of my kids decided to use the Supernanny's head for target practice.


Theories for Raising My Children

crying child in supermarket

Before I had kids, I always said that I would NEVER be the parent who allowed her kid to throw fits in public places. Those ideas went straight out the window when I gave birth.