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briana mordente franklin

Everyone's Got an Opinion!

I always wondered why my friends were so anxious for me to become pregnant. "It's just something you have to do," one friend once said. Funny how they never thought that -- until THEY did it.


Pregnancy is Surreal

Pregnant woman

Being pregnant for the first time is surreal. At first. Once you get over the initial shock, and once you've exhausted those long "We're about to embark on something magical" talks with your husband, you're left to go on about your days as usual. Well, almost usual.


"My First Priority is Being a Mom"

mother reading book with her kids

We've all heard a celebrity mom say during an interview (hello, Angelina!), "My first priority is being a mom" -- as they sit at their latest movie set.


Stress Equals Pregnancy?

woman looking at pregnancy test

You know how people say it'll happen when you're not stressed? "Oh, that's why you got pregnant ... You were relaxed, you weren't sweating the small stuff ..." I suppose that makes sense, but I got pregnant at the height of my stress.