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Has Social Networking Replaced Sex?

social networking man and annoyed woman

Our lives are so equal, so focused on work and family, that sex often gets put on the back burner -- behind the kids' needs, our social networking, work we take home and more.


Just a Guy Missing His Dad on Father's Day

Just a Guy Missing His Dad on Father's Day

Father's Day is a melancholy day for me. I miss my own father and really can't stand being the senior patriarch in my immediate family.


My Wife Won't Let My Dogs Sleep with Us!

Just a Guy Who Loves His Dogs In Bed

My wife says, "No dogs in bed." It's not a negotiation or a discussion; it's a decree. But I sure miss having them in bed with me.


Just a Guy Who Likes Separate Vacations

Man sitting in chair on beach

I admit it: I like going away without my wife sometimes. And I suspect she feels the same. She occasionally wants to visit her parents (who live out of town) without having to worry about me.


Just a Guy Who Likes Making More $$ Than His Wife

Guy likes making more money

Now more than ever, women are earning higher incomes than their male counterparts. While I totally believe in equal pay for equal work, I do question the impact on relationships when the woman makes more than the man.


Just a Guy Saying Women Need Men

women's legs on a pedestal

There was a popular feminist slogan in the early days of "the movement" that went something like, "A woman needs a man as much as a fish needs a bicycle." Not true, I say!


My Son Rocked Out With Chris Cornell!

Arnie Sallan, Chris Cornell

On May 3, 2010, my son Arnie's dreams came true! He went to see his idol, rocker Chris Cornell, at a benefit acoustic concert at The Roxy in Hollywood, Calif. My son and his girlfriend, Logan, pushed their way to the front of the crowd. My kid -- yes, my kid -- had the guts to ask to play on stage. And Chris let him!


Just a Guy Having a Frank Sex Talk with His Son

Our kids will have sex. The question is when, with whom and under what circumstances. My son has a girlfriend of eight months, which is an eternity for high-school sophomores. Sex may be inevitable, but when I discussed it with my son recently, he was just as embarrassed as every kid is when us old folks talk dirty -- LOL!