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Just A Guy Answering If I'm a Jerk or Not

man thinking

I wrote a story about the time my son got a nosebleed on the slopes. I suggested that my wife and I alternate going to the slopes so we didn't each miss out on skiing, our mutual passion, and our son would not be alone. Now the blogosphere is buzzing over my "selfish" behavior.


Just a Guy ... With a Teenager

Teen boy hiding something

They say independence comes with the teenage years. I've witnessed my teenager go from clingy, in-my-face for every little thing, to closed door, on the phone, not interested in anything from Dad except what's in my wallet. Oh, and a ride whenever he wants to go somewhere. I know part of this is good, but the other part wonders how soon they are ready to be on their own?


Just a Guy Dealing With Money, Money, Money

man standing infront of a pile of cash

Potential lessons abound today, as we're living through the worst financial crisis of my and my boys' lives. My boys will gain wisdom from this. So will I. Things often taken for granted will no longer be. I will live the life I preach and take the same, at times, harsh medicine I'm asking them to swallow.


Just a Guy Being Selfish?

a guy thinking

OK, I'm setting myself up with this one -- but I think it's important. Sometimes, parents should be selfish. Yup, selfish. Think of ourselves. For instance, parents need vacations, too. Anybody who doesn't need a vacation after a family vacation is lying. Parents need time alone and more than a date night.


Just a Guy Dating with Kids

When is it time to introduce your kids to your new "friend," someone you've dated a while, and when is it okay for them to sleep over? One is relatively simple, in this dad's opinion, the other more dicey.


Just a Guy Raising Two Boys

As an older parent to begin with (having my first son 5 days after turning 40), I made the choice to quit my so-called glamorous showbiz career and stay at home with my two boys (a second son was born 3 years later).