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bruce sallan

Just a Guy Overcoming His Fear

bruce sallan skiing

Last ski season, I had a pretty bad accident. I like to go in the half-pipe, and on my 13th time, on Memorial Day, I dropped in and the next thing I remember is waking up in the ski sled/gurney with a ski patrolman putting fingers in front of my face and asking "how many?"


Just a Guy Wearing a Helmet

family skiing

I went skiing this winter break and had a wonderful time. However, I couldn't get over the hypocrisy I often witnessed with parents and their kids.


Just a Guy with a Little Envy

upset looking man

A visit to my best friend's new spectacular home brought out the little green monster. And for once, I could actually empathize with my teen son.


Just a Guy Apart From His Wife (on Xmas)

Sad looking man using his phone

So, my first wedding anniversary is right after Christmas, and my wife and I will be on separate continents. Opening a bottle of champagne with my 16-year-old and his girlfriend is not quite the same as being with my wife.


Just a Guy and His Dog

Just a guy and his dog

When I rescued an 80-pound black dog from the pound, I had no idea of the adventures (and mishaps) man's best friend would give me.


Just a Guy and His Overwhelmed Wife

wife looking frustrated with her husband

I actually think we're a perfect match and I thank G*d for my good fortune in meeting her, having her actually like and eventually marry me ... but good grief, do I do anything right in her eyes?


Just a Guy, His Wife, and THE KIDS

parents arguing and teen son

In a blended family (like mine), it's understandable that we would argue about how to raise the kids. Especially since my wife has never really had a meaningful interaction with children besides my own.


Just a Guy Saying There Are Winners, Losers

sad boy with second place ribbon

When I coached my young son's coach-pitch baseball league, I was told at the end of the season to get trophies for everyone, including myself. Instead of enhancing self-esteem, the truth is, this just diminishes any one child's actual accomplishments.