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Just a Guy, His Wife, and SEX

couple smiling at each other in bed

While sex isn't usually a big issue in my house, sometimes it can be. And for reasons that are too personal to go into, sometimes my wife wants it more than I do!


Just a Guy, His Wife, and MONEY

couple arguing

They say the biggest arguments couples have are over sex, the kids, and money. At least in my house, it's restricted to just one of those -- can you guess which?


Just a Guy Saying Raising Kids Takes Luck

Father and Son laughing together

Luck. It isn't just a factor in Vegas. It's a factor in everything in life. And I believe it's one of the biggest influences in how our kids turn out. Yes, every yuppie thinks they will do it better than every generation before, and many of us do make parenting a bigger priority, but I assert it also takes luck!


Just a Guy Who Is Very Grateful

Father hugging his son
I might gripe about my sons not doing their chores or eating their vegetables, but I realize how truly lucky I am.


Just a Guy Having the Sex Talk (with His Kids)

Father and son talking

I remember when my dad had the "talk" with me. It was at a BBQ joint with sawdust on the floor. He talked mostly in euphemisms and I didn't really understand much at all. Not a great beginning, as I fumbled along for years to come.


Just a Guy Wanting His Sons to be Men

father with his two sons

Does anyone remember when men were men -- when boys looked up to their fathers and other men and wanted to be just like them in their "manly ways"? Now, with elementary education completely hijacked by women, there's been a systematic change in how boys are educated and raised.


Just a Guy Frustrated With E-Mail

Man banging head on laptop at table

I completely love e-mail, as I dislike the phone -- cell or hard line. The thing that I keep on forgetting and can't seem to learn is that e-mail is not the same as direct dialogue.


Just a Guy Farting: Part Two

husband farting in bed

What is it about farting that is so funny ... to guys? One man tries to explain.