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Just a Guy Talking about Women's (Sex) Parts

Confused looking man with wife in bed

Another dirty little secret about men, but one that I'm sure is less a secret, is how lame, naïve, and uneducated we can be about how women's sexual parts work. And what WE have to do to take care of them.


Just a Guy Choosing Between Wife and Kids

Angry looking kid and woman

The classic second marriage dilemma is the parent of the kids having to choose between his offspring and his spouse. Recently, I faced that problem times 10.


Just a Guy and Bleeding

Man holding woman's hand in hospital room

I'm going to reveal yet another dirty little male secret.


Just a Guy with a Lot of Screens (in His Life)

dad with sons using cell phones

Screens, screens, screens. No, not the ones that keep out the flies, but the ones that are ubiquitous in our lives everywhere else.


Does Your Daughter Have 'DadHair'?

Does you daughte have dad hair?

It is obvious when a dad does a kid's hair -- it has uneven parts and mismatched accessories. One dad has come up with a solution for dads who are hair-challenged. Check it out!


Just a Guy, Oscar, Living with Felix

couple disagreeing back to back

Men are from Mars and women are from Venus -- especially when it comes to table etiquette, shopping habits ... and everything else.


Go See "The Boys Are Back" ... and Think

the boys are back clive owen

Be prepared: While it was a good film, it could definitely cause a debate between you and your spouse.


Just a Guy Feeling Left Out

sad looking father

My son is almost 16 and he now has a girlfriend. Evidently it's "official," as both have declared they're "in a relationship" on their Facebook pages. My wife and younger son say it's none of my business. I can't help it; I'm curious. Is this so wrong?