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Just a Guy Who Misses His Heroes

sandy koufax

When I grew up, it was easy to know the good guys from the bad guys. In some cases, they actually wore white hats. But who are our kids' heroes? Do we really want them worshipping all the NBA superstars who are covered with tattoos and whose personal lives are best left to the tabloids?


Just a Guy Without His Wife

man eating

My wife is out of town and, gulp, I have to admit I sort of like it. The reason she's gone I don't like, as her mother is having some serious surgery, and we're all concerned. Putting that aside, I must say I'm enjoying the alone time.


Just a Guy Struggling with Whining Kids

child whining about vegetables

How should I instill in them more gratitude in general, and maybe just a little appreciation for all we have vs. what we might not have at a given moment?


Just a Guy Handling Role Reversal

man in apron holding wine

Being the stay-at-home dad is supposedly accepted in our diverse and accepting culture. But the reality is different, as this dad has experienced, especially when introducing a new woman into the family.


Just a Guy Who Looks

guy on a date checking out another woman

Men like to look at women. Yes, there's a time and place for doing it. But we will also do it when it's not the time and place. It's in our hardwiring.


Just a Guy Who Misses Holding Hands

child holding father's hand

For every one of the stages I don't miss are those that I actually long for. Like when my boys would reach up and grab ahold of my hand.


Just a Guy Reviews "American Parent"

american parent book by sam apple

Sam Apple's self-effacing approach makes this less a Dr. Spock how-to than a valuable calming tool for first-time parents.


Just a Guy Who Was Single on Father's Day

Father with his two sons sitting on a couch

This Father's Day, being recently remarried, I don't have to face it wondering what to do and who will teach my boys to remember and respect me. But, in previous years, while I was encouraging them to make or buy Mother's Day and birthday cards for their mother, there seemed to be no one to help them with the same task for me.