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A Dad Reviews "Away We Go"

away we go movie still

Director Sam Mendes' newest release had this viewer laughing, relating, and crying at various times -- which, given my cynical view of Hollywood lately, is quite an achievement.


Just a Guy Who Did a Lot of Internet Dating

man using computer

It felt like a job, Internet dating, for me. And if you really want it to work, you have to treat it as a job. Like many sales jobs, it's about numbers and sublimating your ego. And, like the real world, the roles of men and women are quite similar. Men pursue, women respond (or not). And both sides have their challenges as a result.


Just a Guy Who Didn't Understand Divorce

man by himself

There are things in life we expect, and then there are those occasional times when we just get slammed. Early in my divorce was one of those OMG times when my wife had disappeared, the boys and I were trying to figure out what was next, and the lawyers were circling like vultures.


Just a Guy Forgetting Everything

man forgetting and confused

OK girls, it isn't just you during pregnancy or menopause that forgets everything (or so it seems). I'm suffering from such amnesia and I was only pregnant once!


Just a Guy Talking About Sex

couple about to have sex

Well, if I'm stupid enough to tackle menopause, I might as well write about sex. If you went to college, especially graduate school, you might actually think men and women think the same about sex or, for that matter, are the same except for societal influences. ALERT: We're not!


Just A Guy Dealing With Menopause

Man and woman having trouble with each other

I doubt there's any way I can win writing about this topic anymore than commenting on PMS wins over women's hearts. But, that said, I have to say women's plumbing and emotions continue to be a mystery to me.


Just A Guy on Mother's Day

As I'm recently remarried, teaching my boys to remember, recognize, and appreciate their new step-mom is easy. But, it's dealing with my ex that has been and continues to be the dilemma.


Just A Guy Whose Kids Say They're Bored

bored kids sitting on floor

I'm amazed when my boys tell me they're bored. Bored? With all the options they have today? The best response I ever heard to a kid saying "I'm bored" was "No, you're boring." A brilliant reply from a parent, and I wish I'd said it first. It is not our job to be our kid's entertainment coordinator.